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Dec 16, 2007 06:44 AM

Spiral sliced ham on a holiday buffet

I am hosting a holiday open house for approx. 40 people next weekend. I am primarily going to offer appetizers and desserts but wanted to also offer something a bit more substantial to my guests. Based on great suggestions I received on these boards, I'm thinking of putting out a spiral sliced ham. I have never cooked or served ham before so I'm not sure what to do. I wanted to het a precooked honeybaked ham but they are pretty expensive so I thought I could make a better one myself for less money. So, I am going to buy a sprial sliced ham from my local market. How big should it be? Should I buy bone-in or boneless? What is the best cooking technique? Good glazes? What is the best way to serve and avoid having a big mess at the buffet table? So many questions, thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I have never been disappointed with the Carando (Farmland in some parts of the country) spiral sliced ham (usually on sale this time of year), it comes with a packaged mix that you can doctor to your heart's content (I add a small jar of apricot preserves), and you only need heat it for an hour. Don't overcook it. And bone in, use it for split pea soup later.

    Best invention since Kleenex. Well, almost.

    Still not sure how to pick it out, but the butt ham is better than the shank. Or vice versa. My wonderful butcher picks it out for me.

    The only concession I made was to buy a spiral sliced ham stand from (I think) William Sonoma.

    Enjoy. You won't be sorry.

    1. My husband is very picky about his spiral-cut ham and has always insisted I get Honeybaked. This summer, I tried a spiral-cut ham from Costco at about half the price. I didn't even use the glaze that's included and it was delicious! I'm getting one for Christmas and he is all for it!

      I'm sorry I don't know the brand they carry, but there is only one.


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        Ina Garten has a great glaze for a spiral cut ham- It uses mango chutney, garlic, brown sugar and some other ingredients- Really yummy!

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          This is FYI.....if you live near or one is accessible to you....Honey Baked Ham stores have some that are considered "Not Perfect Cuts", and sold at a reduced price. The quality of the meat is exactly the same. Although I agree other hams are good if not great.....

          Nothing compares to the Honey Baked Ham.

          As for cooking, it is really more of reheating. all spiral hams are fully cooked. You could just take the ham out a couple of hours before serving and bring it up to room temperature. If you want to put a glaze on it, you could warm slowly and then pour some fruit jam or preserve over the top and glaze for the last 30 minutes at a high temperature , such as 450-500 degrees. If you save the glazing just for the end of the cooking time, you will reduce the chance to dry you ham.