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May 1, 2000 05:21 PM


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Does anybody out there know where to find good pupusas in LA? Anywhere from Santa Monica out to Hollywood?

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  1. El Salvador Con Sabor in a mini mall near Venice and La Brea. It is on the North side of Venice just West of La Brea. GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Gloria's (in West L.A., on Venice, near Motor) has pupusa's - they think highly enough of them to have a blue neon sign that says 'PUPUSAS' in the front window. Friendly staff, tasty Mexican/El Salvadoran food, and good pupusas - but since this is the only place I've ever had pupusas, keep in mind I'm no expert...

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        Sorry - Gloria's closed a long time ago.

        1. re: Mas

          Gloria's on Venice went into business less than a year ago, where the old Las Palmas Mexican restaurant used to be. I live in Palms, right behind it.

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        Benji McLaughlin

        You must hit the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sunday between Cahuenga and Ivar. They make incredible pupusas there, and you get to enjoy the great vibe of the market atmosphere. Otherwise, El Salvador con Sabor is good or Sarita's Pupuseria in the Grand Central Market downtown.

        1. Try Sabor on Pico, just inside the Santa Monica boder.