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Dec 16, 2007 06:23 AM

MSP: Dong Yang Korean

Heading out to Dong Yang today. Can I get some recommendations? I love spicy.

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  1. Did you already go?

    If not, definitely get the seafood pancake, the best in the cities. For winter, duk mandoo gook is great, rice cake with steamed dumplin soup.


    1. Dave, this may be late for your trip, but for others here are my favorites: 1) kalbi beef -- glazed beef short ribs, 2) the seafood pancake, and 3) bulgogi beef. This place is the ultimate ethnic food find.

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      1. re: Josh Resnik

        Sorry for the late reply. What an experience. We got there and there was only one table open. It was packed. We (my wife and 1 yr old) were the only non-koreans there. It was difficullt to order because the menu was in korean script so instead of the menu saying Kim Chi it was only in korean. We got the kalbi beef short ribs which was incredible. My non-adventerous wife even liked them. I got a squid hot pot with vegetables which was also good. For appetizer we had some potstickers (not sure what they were called). I plan on going back for the seafood pancake. I wish it was closer to me as I would love to order across the menu as there were many interesting things.

        1. re: dave43

          I'm surprised there's not more people that have been to Dong Yang. It really is a gem for the adventerous.