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May 1, 2000 03:42 PM

seeking advice: the omnivore and the vegetarian

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Is it a match made in restaurant hell? I'm a gleeful omnivore in the 310 and my guy (sorry if that's too possessive, darling!) is a strict near-vegetarian (he loves fish - yea! - but absolutely no other meat prosucts) in the 323. We love enjoying a sublime meal together. I'm just wondering if there's a great steakhouse or a french bistro where we can go together. And I've been dying to try Oaxacan, too! If anyone has any ideas, please enlighten me. Thanks!

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  1. Your 'guy' is lucky you put up with his picky eating habits. Have you been to Ruth's Chris Steak House? I heard they have a magnificent seared rare ahi tuna.
    Chow! Ciao!

    1. I am an omnivore and my gal is a vegetarian cut from the same cloth as your "guy." (Actually, I find that the match works quite well. She is extremely accepting and I am very pleased to have decreased my meat intake.)

      A few thoughts:

      -- We did go Oaxacan at the westside Guelgazeta (sp?). It was a real bonding experience, as both of us were horrified by the presence of "Pork Spine" (really) on the menu. Other than that anecdote, I can offer no real advice -- besides quesadillas, there wasn't much we can share.

      If you want central-American-esque, you could go Guatemalan and have bean & cheese pupusas, like we do. This category has plenty of good recommendations for that. Also, check out my post on potato tacos...couldn't be better if it had a pound of meat.

      -- Steakhouse

      One of my favorite places on Earth: Clearman's North Woods. ( A cheesy, awe-inspiring anachronism. In addition to a good-value steak, it also offers scallops and some kind of fish (type escapes me). Last time, however, we just shared their glorious, greasy side dishes...

      -- Bistro

      Le Petit Cafe in Santa Monica (not to be confused with all the similarly named restaurants). There's no kitch, no giant reproductions of 1920's travel ads. Just a French owner, a calm setting, and reasonably priced bistro dishes with an emphasis on fish (try the sand dabs and lobster bisque).

      2842 Colorado Ave
      Santa Monica, CA 90404
      (310) 829-6792

      Hope this helps...

      1. You really shouldn't have much of a problem. For example, Campanile serves outstanding examples of both red meat and fish entrees, and does sublime things with vegetables. Most of LA's fine restaurants offer choices in both categories. Italian restaurants generally have plenty of non-meat offerings, as do Indian restaurants. Most steak houses today offer seafood as well. Just be glad he's not a vegan or keeps kosher!

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          Tom Armitage

          Go to Campanile's on Thursday nights for grilled cheese sandwiches like none you've had before. It will make you both happy.