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What are your thoughts on A Voce

Please tell me if you've been here and what you loved. Thanks.

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  1. Good pastas and those meatballs, but so shriekingly noisy I would not return.

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      Ditto about the seriously delicious duck meatballs. And ditto again re: the insanely high noise level which has, like you, kept us from going back. Sad, really, because Andew Carmellini is such a talented chef.

    2. I have been there twice. The first time the food and service was excellent. However, the second time the food was good but the service was totally atrocious.
      I doubt I would return.

      1. I went in June and I remember it being fine. Very dark; not overly noisy. However I don't remember what I ate (and I would, if it had been notable--either terrible or terrific).

        1. I've been back 5 times. Everything is great here...We have the ricotta with grilled bread and duck meatballs to start, antipastis are all great, the pastas are all amazing and perfectly cooked - there was not one thing I disliked about the place. Service was great each time and the noise level didn't affect us too much - maybe it depends on where you are seated. In any event, I highly recommend A Voce.

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              Nobody should find it ironic that a restaurant called "A Voce" is, in fact, very loud inside.

            2. I went about a year ago and was severely disappointed after all the rave reviews. I actually wondered if people were talking about the same place. I've blocked out most of the meal, but the Gnoochi tasted rubbery, and I can recall thinking several ingredients from our meal were less then fresh or Italian in flavor. I felt this is another case of serving garbage to customers and presenting it like it's gold.

              We went early without reservation, and noise wasn't a problem. It was the food that was the problem.

              1. I notice a lot of people are complaining about the noise levels, and have to say that has never been an issue for my wife and I. But we also tend to eat earlier than most (6PMish) so tha may be part of the reason.

                I think the food is definitely worth it, particularly the primi. The grilled asparagus with duck egg is yummy, and i couldn't stop eating hte sheep's milk ricotta and grilled country bread. And the donuts are great - fresh out of the fryer, nice and light, filled with creme or unfilled with a dark chocolate dipping sauce

                1. My husband and I went a few months ago - it was pretty good. It was a lovely night and we sat outside (not so doable right now). The bambolino's were amazing! A hint of orange or citrus - we'll definitely return for that dessert. And actually we mentioned it to the waiter and he said you can sit at the bar and have dessert. Neat decor too. Pretty decent service. It's a michelin star place, actually. We really enjoyed our evening there!

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                    Went to Avoce in December. Come on guys...what NY restaurant isn't noisy? We loved it. You're all right, those meatballs. And how about dessert--the bombolini with choc. sauce. Service was real good and we had such a good time.

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                      Doreen, with all due respect there are plenty of NYC restaurants that are not noisy and those are the ones we frequent. I have not been to A Voce yet and based on this thread I'll skip A Voce or go early (the duck meatballs and ricotta & bread sound delish!). While delicious food generally comes first in my book, noise is a huge pet peeve of mine.

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                        No surprise, fdr, that I totally agree with you! Perhaps Doreen only goes to places that have very modern, sleek, all-hard-edges decor and that blast music at top volume. There is certainly no need to be assaulted by insanely high noise levels since there are plenty of restaurants with delicious food that provide a more civilized environment.

                  2. I'm going to a voce for the millionth time tonight. i noticed the noise thing the first time i went, but i really like the food. it hasn't bothered me as much subsequently, but i think that's because i'm kind of expecting it now whenever i go. while it is noticeable, it's not SO bad that you can't talk to the people at your table.

                    1. Went today (Monday, President's Day) for lunch for the first time. The grillled bread with olive oil and aged balsamic and tyme was addictive. Shared with Mrs. GG the pork terrine, the chicken liver foie gras crostini and the insanely good duck meatballs. My duck crusted in fennel with lentils and figs was perfect and I managed to steal some of Mrs. GG's pappardelle with lamb ragu covered in the sheep ricotta. The bombolini were like Cafe du Monde beignets (or actually more like zeppole) with chocolate sauce! And at least today you could've renamed the place "Sotto Voce".

                      1. Had duck breast which was raw and rubbery-and the noice level was so annoying-not great for dining-but given that will try again to see if changed.

                        1. Well since asking I've been to A Voce 3 times and loved it. The noise level was not a factor and the food was delicious with great service. Would recommend it highly. Like another hounder mentioned, my husband and I eat on the early side too.

                          1. My wife and I were there a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Contrary to some complaints here, we didn't notice any noise problems and she's usually pretty sensitive to noise.

                            My wife really liked her beet salad and I thought the duck meatballs were very good. The papardelle was EXCELLENT as was the pork chop.

                            1. This is one of my favorite Italian places in the city. I was last there for a Restaurant Week lunch and didn't find the noise to be an issue at all. The food is terrific, though the desserts didn't impress me much.