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Dec 16, 2007 04:34 AM

Dinner for 12 couples in Essex County...BYO

Looking for a restaurant (maybe Montclair, Livingston, Summit etc..) to go with 12 couples for a birthday celebration (young 30 somethings). Looking for BYO to keep cost down since its being split by so many people. Any kind of food okay....Something fun and maybe a private room since its such a large group. Any ideas?

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  1. La Focaccia in Summit has a private room in the back that's large enough for the whole group. It's BYO and the food is better than average.

    1. Trattoria Fresco in Caldwell might be a good option for you; if they don't give you the entire rear dining room, you'll have enough of it to feel like you do! They're BYO, the food is definitely above average, and the menu has a wide range that includes brick oven pizzas to full entrees.
      There's a long thread about it on eGullet with photos as well. I can tell you that I've been there a few times this year and there has definitely been a change in either management, head chef, or both, but it's still good enough that I'd recommend it as an option.
      Another thought would be to head to the Ironbound...great way for a big group to eat and drink without spending $$$$...