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Dec 15, 2007 10:42 PM

Need good breakfast/brunch place near Stamford

Hi everyone. I did a search for breakfast places in Stamford and didn't come up with many results. I'm looking for a place that is relaxing, not a diner, preferably with lots of healthy options and decent omelets. Any suggestions? Mackenzie's in Greenwich sounds interesting. I'd prefer something right in Stamford but will travel for the right place!

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  1. Try Blind Charlies in Pound Ridge (Scott's Corners)

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    1. re: jrlpking

      Not Norwalk, but their selection is outstanding and their service is exemplary.

      1. re: dolores

        I will second Blind Charlie's...great omelettes, pancakes, really nice coffee. In Stamford there is also the City Limits Diner, which is quite good, not your average diner food. My brother really likes the Merritt Diner on High Ridge, others enjoy the Lakeside Diner on Long Ridge.

        If you venture out a bit, the people on this board like the brunch @ the Greenwich Hyatt. I love the Silvemine Tavern buffet, exspecially this time of year. In Norwalk, right on the New Canaan line. Also in Norwalk is the BEST Diner in the area....Post Road Diner.

        1. re: Fairfield__Foodie

          the pancakes and waffles at lakeside are awesome. Best around. But, it's very much a little greasy spoon diner.

          For the original poster, I think Margot Cafe, or whatever it is called, would be perfect. It's owned/run by the person who used to be co-owner of Sono bakery, it's definitely open for breakfast. My guess is you'd find some good healthy (and good) breakfast options.

          Margot Cafe and Wine Bar
          59 High Ridge Rd.
          Stamford, CT

          1. re: adamclyde

            I'd agree with Margot's. Healthy and not huge portions. Actually, they're pretty small.
            City Limits is the usual diner with decent food and huge portions.
            Mackenzie's Greenwich is ok but they don't open until 11:30.
            You might try Thataway on Greenwich Ave. I've really liked their weekend brunches. Not sure when they open, I'd GUESS it's earlier than 11:30.
            I do like Lakeside Diner, omelettes are fine, it's tiny and crowded, but they sell those really good, really bad for you sugary donuts.

    2. Does anyone know of a place that has a buffet type brunch in Stamford or in Fairfield county?

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      1. re: Maroya

        Can't say for sure, but I believe the Greenwich Hyatt does. You can try calling them or doing a quick search on the boards. I've seen them mentioned a number of times with regard to having a good brunch.

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          There was a thread on t his a little while ago. Try doing a search.

          1. re: jfood

            Thanks adamclyde and jfood..I found the thread about the Greenwhich Hyatt and am reading up on it now! It sounds amazing! Has anyone ever gone to it?

          2. re: Maroya

            The great brunch on Sundays in Fjord on a luxury dinner yacht in Greenwich, exit 5. Its a buffet type brunch, with carving station and an omelet station. Food tastes great and the view a the yacht cruises is amazing. Decent pricing. Need reservation though , 203 622 4020

          3. How about that Kneaded Bread place everyone is talking about in Port Chester. That's not too far.

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            1. re: MasterofLightChick

              The Kneaded Bread is awesome. But it doesn't really offer full breakfast. It is a true bakery - lots of breads, pastries, croissants, muffins, cakes, etc. with hot chocolate, coffee, etc. But nothing like omelettes, etc.

              They have soups and sandwiches for lunch, but for breakfast, it's really just a bakery/cafe. (mind you, the best one around)

            2. I haven't been yet, but Brasitas, on East Main in Stamford, now offers a "Latin Brunch" on Sundays.


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              1. re: Zobot

                There are 2 indian buffet brunches in stamford: daiskin and tawa. Think daiskin is a bit better (broader selection, dishes of higher quaility) although as always, the food is best when its right out of the kitchen. Tawa seems to be careful not to let the food sit out as long.

                that said, both are quite good and reasonable ~$10 per head for the lunch brunch.

                1. re: Zobot

                  I don't like Brasitas, ate there only once and I would not go again. It is overpriced and the quality of food is not my cup tea. But I would go to Hyatt Brunch or City Limits, good eggs benedicts and waffles with fruit.

                  1. re: nbermas

                    I'm kind of with you on Brasitas.
                    I went for lunch and it was awesome. I forget what appetizer we had but it went great with the Brahma beer. It was a sunny winter day and and all was well.
                    However, when I took the husband there a week later, dinner was pricier than I expected and my shrimp didn't look freshly made.
                    I'd go back, but probably for lunch and not dinner.

                    1. re: Stamford Talk

                      I had ordered filet in which I never order out at all and it was horrible, tough and yucky. I love the little Mom and Pop places much more.