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Dec 15, 2007 09:32 PM

Soft Peppermint Sticks and Oranges

I have heard over the years about putting a soft peppermint stick in an orange and sipping the juice. I bought several cans of King Leo soft peppermint sticks to give for gifts with oranges. I decided to try it tonight, I stuck the stick in the center of the orange and tried to sip it.. It didn't work, I let it sit and it still didn't work. What did I do wrong. The taste of the two actually tasted good, but I need to know what I did wrong. TIA

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    1. I've only ever bought Bob's brand pmint sticks and family members tell me it works. (I have a sensitivity to oranges, and can't always eat them without asthma, so avoid them generally. I just eat the pmint sticks.) Maybe your orange just wasn't very juicy? How about trying a valencia for more juice?

      1. I'm not sure you did anything wrong, paprkutr. This has always worked for me with the soft peppermint sticks. Maybe consider amyzan's advice. In my experience you shouldn't have to 'let it sit'. It should work right away if it's going to work at all. I would suggest getting some different oranges.

        1. Bite off the tip on each end of the peppermint stick before putting it into the orange. Hope it works for you!

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            Yup, Non Cognomina has the tip of the hour. You could also roll the orange firmly on a countertop, to make it juicier, before you insert the peppermint stick.

            Give it another try - it's worth it!