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Dec 15, 2007 09:15 PM

Taiwanese Parents Visiting Berkeley

My Taiwanese parents are driving up from Newport Beach to be with the grandkids for Christmas. And I'm looking for a good authentic Taiwanese place. They always say that there is not good Taiwanese or Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area. I tend to agree. Most are amazingly bad Americanized places that are overly salted, overly soy sauced dishes. But I'm ready to prove them wrong. I think I've been to every (okay maybe not every, but it seems like it) Chinese restaurant in Berkeley/Albany/Oakland area and nothing rocks my world. I'm ready to drive to find a place.

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  1. Yep you're right, and Taiwan restaurant on University is, I'm sorry, the WORST representer in your area.

    How far are you willing to drive? I'm assuming you're looking for a Chinese restaurant that would satisfy Taiwanese tastebuds, sit down family kind of place that's not hole in the wall.

    hhc tipped had a review about Liou's House

    245 Jacklin Rd
    Milpitas, CA 95035
    (408) 263-9888

    Supposedly the chef trained with a Northern Chinese master chef, and also served dinner to a former Taiwanese president or VP. A glance at yelp reviews show that the food is predominantly Northern Chinese themed.

    You're going to get a ton of recs for Joy in Foster City. That's a fantastic place for dinner, and just order from the ahem, "secret" menu.

    You might want to share that with your family, and see if the items meet their approval. This is probably the best bang for your buck, as this restaurant incorporates not only several different cuisines from China, but does cater them specifically toward Taiwanese-minded tastes. For example their steamed sea bass from the Chinese menu, is served with not only scallions but a little bit of oil, and rests on top of a metal plate that is heated with gas underneath to keep the fish hot (just like in Taiwan). When they do have A-choy (A-tsai) it's arguably one of the best preps I've had. And you probably want to pre-order the beggar's chicken or 8 treasures stuffed duck for this special occasion. Their sour cabbage and pork soup is really good, great for cold nights (an aquired taste, the Taiwanese missus loves it).