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May 1, 2000 08:00 AM


  • j

I just went there today, and Tom A is right - it's good, and reasonably priced. I'd even say it's cheap, for sushi. If you just want a bunch of raw fish, you can get the specials, which are under $20 for a full dinner. Dee-lish-us, and, they know how to buy the fish.

I knew the place was okay when, for an appetizer, I was served a fish eyeball. The next nice surprise was their decision to serve, instead of the usual miso shiru, a mild soup of sake lees (shiru-zuke, I think it's caled).

Thanks for the tip, Tom.

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    sprocket dog

    Shibucho is one of the best places in LA to eat sushi. While my take may be a bit jaded as the owner is a family friend, he is an old-school master, trained in Japan and a teacher to chefs at Katsu, R-23 and Yuu. If you want authentic sushi this is the place to sup!