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Dec 15, 2007 08:53 PM

What's your fave "Snowed-In" cooking ideas?

Oh yeah, it's started...the great snowstorm of 2007, AUTUMN????
LOL, ok, so, whatever it's called, I'll be stuck inside...I have a fair selection of ingredients, but forgot to get eggs. I may as well prepare a decent meal. How about soup and rolls...inspire me....I've run out of that kind of mental energy, after a crazy few days.

What's YOUR favourite "stuck inside" cooking and baking?


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  1. I'm gonna make up ANOTHER batch of granola and package it up in pretty celophane bags for my peops at work.

    1. Knowing what we were up against yesterday, my family voted on lasagna as their snow day meal today. Plus we are making Christmas cookies to add some nice smells to the air. I love the idea of a stew or something in a crockpot simmering.

      1. Last night I made a creamy zucchini/eggplant bake with fontina and mozzarella and cream. Easy and YUM. I like hot and bubbly casseroles on snowy days. So that will be lunch today.

        Also today I would like to take a crack at some of the COTM M. Stewart recipes, maybe the rosemary crackers, and make some dips to try as a preview for holiday parties.

        During the big November storm (wind/rain, not snow), I made chicken stock for the first time :) which was an excellent way to spend the day, and the house smelled delicious. I like it so much when Sweety arrives home and starts sniffing the air gleefully, saying "mmmm -- what IS that?!"

        On another Cold Day (not a snow day, but I day when leaving the house didn't seem appetizing) I made an elaborate (for me!) dessert and (using ingreds in the pantry) the easy Marcella tomato-butter-onion sauce.

        I might make that sauce again -- it's sooo good and easy. Plus, I think I'll make a couple of simpler desserts today -- blondies, and maybe another Nigella moist chocolate loaf cake or the Cranberry Upside Down Cake from Everyday Food -- excellent, and I made it years ago and everyone loved the cranberry jewels gleaming atop the cake.

        1. I am stuck inside, too. I am making chicken wings to enjoy during the Pats game, and have a boneless leg of lamb for tonight. But it IS a great day for soup. Unfortunately, I had no broth in the freezer- so I used the tips of the chicken wings, and a few wings, along with some celery, carrot onion and garlic. Hope to be able to get enough broth to make some potato/leek soup for lunch. Have some rolls on hand that are not as fresh as I like, so I think I will make some garlic bread to serve with the soup.

          1. I'm making shortbread today to put into cellophane bags for the neighbours.
            If I can scrounge everything together, I'll do a chicken and rice soup with lots of ginger and sliced onions for lunch - makes the house smell really nice.