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Dec 15, 2007 08:34 PM

Korean Food and Private Karaoke Rooms

Hi, I am looking for good Korean food and karaoke all rolled into one location. Any suggestions? thanks.

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  1. well, good is a debatable term, lol, but i think Prince 2 on northern is very popular. And I had a great time at a karaoke room at I think it was called L7 off northern....the food was good and the rooms were clean and kind of upscale.

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      Thank you so much. I think that a better option might be to go eat great food first --since the food is more important-- and then go to karaoke. But I will check these places out in the mean time.

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        i don't believe prince 2 has any karoake rooms? it's more of a drinking spot. they serve food, but it's like korean bar food. ahnjoo - korean platter with korean snacks and fruit is commonly served with soju. they do have things like korean fried chicken, katsu and the likes, but nothing special. this place's clientele is very young.

        the best would definitely be to eat first and then head to a norebang. along where prince 2 is on northern blvd, there's a ton of norebangs within walking distance of each other. there's one right next door to prince 2 that you go down the stairs, there's one across the street next to namohjung called hollywood or something, and there's another 2 down the block. i think there's yet another across the street from the h-mart.

        in terms of eating, there's so much right there in those 2 blocks or so. namohjung is a great kalbi place that uses wood chips in its table grills for that smoky flavor. there's 3 korean fried chicken spots right there - bon chon, kyo chon, and another one couple of doors down from prince 2. there's another chicken place across the way from han yang supermarket, but that's further down northern. if you want korean rotiserrie chicken, hansol health center is right there as well. there's also 2 korean hwe (sushi/sashimi) places - cheonghajin and pado. there's a korean kimbap place if you want cheap stuff (tong tong kimbap). you've got kyoryodang for korean pastries and after you're done - you can check out hanyang supermarket for the late night eats amongst other drunk koreans. :-) or, there's also the book chang dong (bcd) - the korean tofu place kitty corner from hanyang and across from KFC that's open 24 hours. hard to resist korean tofu stew at those hours.