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Dec 15, 2007 08:28 PM

Bistro 39 (Alhambra) now open

Drove by and it looked like there was as much action in the dining room as one would find at a singles party hosted by AC Green.

Rough start ...

Bistro 39
39 West Main Street
(626) 282-0600

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  1. Not being able to discern the type of cuisine from this post, I Googled "Alhambra Bistro 39" and the first hit...was this post. I guess you're saying there's not much demand for French food in Alhambra.

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    1. re: Chandavkl

      went there with the whole family was hoping it was gonna be good...My wife's Lobster bisque so salty she couldnt eat it. my steak was so thin and tough (even though I oreder it rare it came out well done). We also had seafood pasta which was also very very salty....wish it was good but not even will be empty again soon

    2. My friend and I had lunch at Bistro 39 today. We both had the French onion soup which was delicious. The broth was excellent. Lots of stringy cheese, and the toasted bread chunk that absorbed lots of the yummy broth had many textures and flavors to add.

      She ordered the chicken crepe with tarragon cream. The sauce was so very fresh and the crepes very tender. I ordered the ham and Swiss cheese crepe. Both were beautifully presented with a small, delicately dressed salad of baby lettuce at the end of a large oblong white china plate.

      We were so satisfied with the French onion soup that we couldn't finish all of the crepes.
      The staff were friendly and helpful. Roy valued our visit and pointed us to wines and dessert wines to enjoy (and we did). Erica packed up our uneaten crepes with added tableware and napkins. She said that I, in particular, might need tools to snack along my way home to Riverside.

      I can't understand why the previous reporters did not like this restaurant. If something were to be too salty, it would have been my ham and Swiss cheese crepe. Everything was perfectly seasoned.

      There are lovely wines to enjoy. It seems like the owners are doing their best to provide all their customers with a wonderful dining experience. Can we ask for more?

      Just give them a chance. Restaurants come and go like autumm leaves. Don't miss the splendid color of this one! RAM

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      1. re: graveyard.cgi

        Hi Graveyard. What are the price ranges? Thanks!

      2. This is the former Marla's Restaurant space as I recall.

        1. We ate there last night and had an enjoyable experience even though we were the only people there most of the time. My wife had the steak au poivre. It was thin and there wan't enough au poivre sauce for my wife's taste, but it came cooked the way she requested and it had a good peppery flavor to it. It also came with a serving of potatoes au gratin that were light and tasty.

          I had the filet of sole in almond sauce and it was really good. There wasn't a lot of flavor in the almond sauce they usec, but the roasted almonds on top tasted nice with the light flaky fish. The mixed vegetables that came with it had a nutty flavor to them and were a bit salty in spots, but overall were quite good. My meal also came with a small bowl of rice with almonds. It was good, but nothing exciting.

          We ended the meal with their creme brulee. It was better than a lot of the places where we have tried it, and the fresh fruit they used as a garnish was great. I don't know where they got their cherries, but the were out of this world.

          Total for our meal after tax and tip was just under $50. We were very pleased and would like to go back for lunch to try the crepes and the french onion soup.

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          1. re: Velvet Elvis

            Did you check out the wine list? How does that look, and any interesting ones by the glass? Thanks.

          2. Just had dinner there last night. And it was Just Great...

            We were 3 to dine there....And started of with a bottle of champagne,From special reserve, not on the menu, and ordered some appetizers along...We had Some Escargots, Tender and juicy,along with cheese platter, and some cooked Foie Gras , that we requested special order.
            Then, for entree, we had the the jarret , tender and juicy...Frogs legs, excellent and well seasoned...Pepper steak, great quality of meat, likely to be import, Some say that the steak was thin, but this is quality over quantity. the meat tender and tasty, the sauce was delicate. and some cote d'agneau, generous serving compare to other los angeles restaurant... Presentation was perfect...
            For the desert, we just wanted ice cream, so they made us some special plate with all the flavor available.
            And the price was real decent, some of their dish would sell double in other restaurant. By the end of the night, we had 2 bottles of champagne...Their wine list,is good... did not have any that night.. they have more selection available in the display, that are not in the menu.. If you like good wine go for it

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            1. re: LaGuy340

              was there on sat night. the price of reg menu stuff was decent at $15-$20 but daily spcl item was on the high side @ $30-$45.
              our bill came out to $300 with tip and tax for 5 of us which include 2 bottles corkage of $20.