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Dec 15, 2007 08:26 PM

Sushi Kaji - still my #1 choice for Japanese food

Haven't been to Kaji for over 6 months, I went there for dinner last night.

All the cooked dishes were expertly prepared & nicely presented; sushi & sashimi were ultra fresh & service was attentive, prompt & friendly.

We ordered the takumi $120 & the waza $100.

I can't remember all the cooked dishes for individual menu as I tasted both.

For the raw items, we had the following:

sashimi - toro from Spain, trout from Australia, amberjack & sea bream from Japan.

sushi - small ball of rice with the different toppings: 1. minced toro w/ green onion. 2. king crab. 3. lobster & Ikura. 4. uni.

nigirizushi - trout, scallop, octopus & eel.

I was sitting at the sushi counter & noticed that all diners were served the same sushi & sashimi no matter which menu they ordered. (That was different from before.)

So, the differences in price are for the different cooked dishes.

Kaji San said the resto will be closed for 3 weeks in January for minor renovation.

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  1. and he and some of his staff are heading to Japan to see what is new....

    1. +

      Sushi Kaji
      860 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z1N7, CA

      1. Sounds excellent, I'm having trouble finding someone who likes Japanese food enough to go there and shell out the $100+ p/person so I'll probably end up going by myself soon! Kaji san rules.