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Dec 15, 2007 08:20 PM

Barcelona- They Let Me Down!

After reading some recent Norwalk threads my husband and I decided to try a very old favorite tonight. I made 9:30 reservations this afternoon for Barcelona in Sono. I remembered reservations were pretty much essential on the weekends, so I was actually surprised when they told me, "No problem. We'll see you then".

Well, It was a problem!
We arrived for our reservation and were told we could go to the bar, they would let us know when our table was ready. We're ok with that, and having lived in the city for the past 5 years I never really expect my table to be ready on time for any decent restaurant. Plus, the grandparents were babysitting and we were in no real rush. Well, we ordered drinks and 45 min.later, as we were finishing said drinks, we (dh and I) discussed our options.
We could have another drink at Barcelona and still possibly no table, or we could leave and go elsewhere. Most places in SoNo stop serving by 11 and it was 10:20, so we decided to leave. On the way out we told the MOD (very politely) that we were relinquishing our res since almost an hour had passed and it didn't look like we would be seated anytime soon. He told us he "understood". No "I'm sorry", no "Let me see what I can do". Just ok, sorry, buh bye. I was disappointed, since I was soo looking forward to their mussels! However, if I have to sit at a bar and spend $30-40 just waiting for a table, I really feel the MOD/Host should be more on his game and at least let me know what is going on and how long it's going to take.
I'm really sad to say that they are officially on our DNR list.

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  1. Wow, another in the line of restaurants whose owners/managers don't give a flying fig.

    WHAT is going on in the world of dining establishments?

    Is Las Tapas near them? The owner's brother and the staff couldn't have been nicer and the mussels (as were the snails) were delicious.

    Well, live and learn and share and stay away from. Thanks.

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    1. re: dolores

      Since we were in Sono for a movie we didn't see the point in driving anywhere else and wanted someplace in walking distance.
      I'm not quite sure where Las Tapas is, and a google search brought up nothing, but would love to try them. I love snails too!

        1. re: dolores

          ahhh, very good, thank you. It's in the area that used to be "downtown" back when SoNo was nothing but burnt our buildings :-)
          It looks lovely, have to go there soon!

    2. isn't it a shame when an establishment shows that they really just don't care........! and they didn't even buy you a round of drinks!!! it's not like you tried to get a reservations during the "rush" (7:00-7:30)....
      they don't deserve good customers such as yourself and your husband!
      good post!

      1. Has anyone been to Barcelona in Greenwich lately? We haven't in about a year, although we always have enjoyed it. There is a new Tapas/wine bar in Larchmont - we haven't been yet, any feedback?

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        1. re: pobo

          pobo, where is the new tapas place in Larchmont? I remember reading about it here first but didn't write it down. Thanks.

          1. re: dolores

            It's Espana -- 0n Larchmont Ave. right next to that big mariachi-ish Mex place. It involves the chef from Patrias ( and, before that, Solera). Similar Spanish menu from both those locations and VERY EXTENSIVE wine list (it's calling itself a "tapas and wine bar.") It's a pleasant atmosphere and tasty food.

            1. re: Westjanie

              Thank you, Westjanie. Next to Tequila Sunrise, then (which actually isn't a bad place).

              I look forward to trying it.

              1. re: Westjanie

                Going for lunch tomorrow. Will post after.

              2. re: dolores

                The tapas place in CT is better than that new place, in my opinion. Sorry you had a bad experience

                1. re: weeep

                  weeep, the bad experience was at Barcelona in Sono. The new place is Espana in Larchmont people are wondering about. Same thread, two different issues.

                  1. re: laylag

                    Sorta off topic, but I ate at Espana in Larchmont tonight and was sorely disappointed - nothing was truly delicious. Even the chorizo was bland - how is that possible!?
                    I like Barcelona much better. Cheaper, too.

                    1. re: uberkelly

                      not suprising..........i ate at patrias (where their chef last cooked).........and the food was mediocre at best.......

            2. Sw914,

              As someone who recommends Barcelona often, jfood is upset when others are not treated well. If the MOD was a man, then he must have been a substitute because the MOD in charge and would never have allowed such an event is named Margaret, obviously a woman.

              If you want to give it another shot, call and ask for Margaret and explain what happened. She is a wonderful lady and extremely customer focussed. Jfood would even offer calling her in advance of your call since he sends lots of people her way.

              The food is truly great and jfood has never heard of such service from the staff.

              If you want to place on DNR perfectly understandable. Not the service jfood would expect from a resto like Barcelona.

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              1. re: jfood

                I have to admit that I'm somewhat shocked to hear this. Not what I would expect from any of the Barcelona's.

                1. re: jfood

                  Thank you so much for offering to call Margaret. That is indeed very thoughtful of you. The man at the door must have just been a Host in that case. He was about my age, maybe younger, around 30ish. While I may not make them a strict DNR, with so many other options in Sono, why put myself through that?!
                  As I said, I expected a wait, but in the (almost) hour we were there, I didn't notice the host seat anyone, and a simple update such as "so sorry we've kept you waiting, your table will be ready in x minutes", would have made me happy.
                  I used to eat there somewhat frequently about 5-8 years ago when I was still living in CT and remember the food being quite good so I would like to give them another shot. We plan on eating out in the area more often since I only trust my parents to babysit for the little one so far *grin*.
                  Do you know if Margaret works most evenings? I wouldn't want to call her during the dinner rush and would probably only go back on a night she was working.

                  1. re: SweetPea914

                    Anytime SP

                    M&M jfood are normally weekenders in SONO since they stay close to home during t he week (sound familiar). So he sees Margaret on weekends.

                    Saw the other rview of Kazu, tough night out for the two of you. Mrs jfood was doing some biz at Klaffs and Jfood did some recon work. Kazu had a Blah sorta vibe and decided otherwise. Habana was great looking but sound system was broken - on the Must Try list and Chi is also on the Gotta Try list.

                    1. re: jfood

                      Back in the day we used to eat at Habana pretty often. I had considered it Sat night as well, but I recalled seeing some ho-hum reviews (here in C-hound actually). Also it is a much more enjoyable place when you can sit outside by the tiki torches IMO.

                      Btw, LOVE Klaff's! Mrs Jfood is a very lucky woman to be able to combine biz and Klaff's:-) I Spent almost an hour looking at chandelier's about a month ago and still haven't been able to decide on one for my dining room!