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May 1, 2000 12:20 AM

good lunch with kids near pantages theatre

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goint to see lion king with grandkids 8 and 4. any suggestions?

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  1. McDonalds on Sunset and Western. They have that playland thing and the parking is real easy.

    Hamburger Hamlet on Hollywood is okay too, if you're picky about your own food. :-)

    Hollywood and Vine sucks for food for kids, because of all the people, and the questionable cleanliness of all the divey places I frequent all too frequently. I really like the Popeye's on the corner of Cauhenga and Hwd, for all the wrong reasons....

    1. How about Joseph's on Yucca and Ivar for casual but yummy Greek food? Or Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles on Gower and Sunset for some excellent soul food. You don't have to be relegated to MacDonald's just because you have kids with you. I take my son everywhere and almost every restaurant outside of the really high end can accomodate children. I also think the more you go out with your kids (grandkids,) the more they become used to the rules of eating out. I'd even consider taking your grandkids to Musso and Frank. Let them order some shirley temples and feel grown-up!

      1. The Thai-style L.A. Food Court on Sunset W. of Normandie is nowhere near its peak five years ago, but it is enormous, the food is still pretty good, and the Thai Elvis has moved on. Lots of mild options for kids.