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Dec 15, 2007 07:51 PM

Xmas day- Calgary

For the first time since 1999 my partner I won't in tropical climes for Christmas and I've been tasked with finding someplace (besides home, which we do plenty of) to eat. Any suggestions? I'll consider anything, so fire away!

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  1. I've had the Westin and the Hyatt Christmas dinners - though you might have trouble booking at this point for either. The Hyatt was better of the two for quality and value.

    1. Pretty much all of Chinatown is open. One year before Children we did the Delta Kananaskis Christmas, they have caroling, tobogganing skating, it's great. Meal is decent. Just not in Calgary

      1. My house with my 3 kids, my BIL & SIL and their 4 kids... lol j/k the food will be wonderful but I wouldn't subject anyone but immediate family to that chaos. ;)

        I second the Hyatt if you're staying in town, otherwise what about Banff? Banff Springs is beautiful this time of year.

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          I would second leaving town if you can manage it. Emerald Lake still has spots open ( we checked but decided to go after Christmas) and I was very impressed with their dining room this summer, a vast improvement from the past. I also suggest the Post Hotel but I think they may be full.

          I third the Hyatt if you have to stay in town.

        2. Have you phoned the Hyatt to make reservations yet? They do sell out early.
          Our family has done the Delta, Westin, and Hyatt. I would say the Hyatt is the best of the rest ( Palliser being top dog of the hotels for Christmas dinner and probably sold out long ago). My only negative about the Hyatt is that it is such a long walk back to the table with the food from the buffet that it is no longer hot.
          We have had several nice Christmas dinners at the Westin, but 2 years ago was disastrous. An hour after finally being seated, the waiter came over to tell us that he was the only waiter for the whole room, no one else had shown up for their shift, and we had better tell him what we wanted then because he wasn't coming back again. It got worse. When I finally got my main course, I was just about to dig in when the waiter snatched the plate away from me and said "its not yours". He tried to give it to several other diners in the room who had clearly seen him take it from in front of me and refused to take it from him. So after waltzing around the room with my plate he brought it back to me. The turkey was cold by then. I was finished eating my cold food before my Mom and the people at the next table got their dinners (not turkey). We wanted a cocktail and wine with dinner but our request was denied. Would take too long. There was already a bottle of warm water on the table, who needs drinks?
          For (I think it was) $75, there was hardly any food. When I got home from being tortured by the Westin, I made myself a peanut butter and jam sandwich since I was still hungry.
          The Owl's Nest used to be the top spot for fancy dinners. Now it is being replaced by a Keg.
          This year it will be 21 relatives at my cousin's. Help!

          1. Just curious to know where you decided to go? We are heading to Chinatown and will do our turkey on Boxing Day. I have a special needs BIL and all he wants is Chinatown.

            Take care and Merry Christmas

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            1. re: kritafo

              well, I decided to do chinese too, but today partner says "I want turkey." I don't know how this will play out now since I announced my chinese leaning several days ago. Communication, people, communication...

              and a Merry Christmas to you and God bless us everyone!

              1. re: John Manzo

                Do let us know where you two ended up - enquiring minds want to know ;)

                Merry Christmas John, Merry Christmas Everyone!

                1. re: maplesugar

                  we had dim sum at happy hill- what used to be aberdeen- it was packed and we were the only non-Asian people (my partner is east Indian Trini and insists he's not "Asian," so I humour him). I like being able to order dim sum off a card; I am intimidated by the carts a la Harbour City. We also had a chicken-mushroom congee, While some items were delicious (most especially the shrimp and watercress har gow- really good with fat, big shrimp), some were misses- the green onion pancake was doughy and taste undercooked, for example, and the congee had none of the chickeny depth of flavour that I've had at Calgary Court or Double Happniness. Still, it was nice to see how much this place has changed since last visit, oh, six years ago. Definitely catering to a more sophisticated palate.

                  1. re: John Manzo

                    Speaking of Congee....Calgary Court is my favourite Congee in Calgary, and yes with the fried dough. When my kids were babies we bought it by the pail full, they couldn't get enough of it.

                    We ended up at Happy Valley, which is not as nice as Happy Hill, and we were the only non-Asians for the time we were there as well. But I love the feeling of going someone and they know what we are going to order and they make us feel special. We haven't paid for drinks in years.

                    We will be doing Dim Sum for New Years Eve.