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Dec 15, 2007 07:15 PM

Christmas Day breakfast\lunch\dinner recs MSP?

Flying in very early on Christmas morning to spend the holiday with family. Trying to figure out where to eat the whole day for breakfast\lunch and dinner. Hotel is near Roseville, MN but we will have a car. MIL lives in Spring Lake Park, MN.

Ethnic food is probably not an option since we will likely have MIL with us. But if she is not we would probably like Dim Sum for breakfast\lunch.

Dinner may be husband, MIL and myself so ethnic food, and dressy places, are out because of MIL.

Thought about the Northland Inn but they are only doing brunch on Christmas Day.

Any suggestions for ok food, in a non-dressed up atmosphere would be welcome. At this point I would even consider going to a chain place.

Thanks for any insight or suggestions!

Catmommy (Caroline)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Merry Christmas, Catmommy. Here's a thread you might find helpful.

      Someone suggested hotel restaurants, which is a good bet, but also most bars in St. Paul are open, for instance, Muddy Pig is usually open.

      You might also go to and see who is offering reservations. I looked around the noon hour and they all looked pretty upscale except Market BBQ, which I personally know nothing about, except that they have good pork ribs. In the other thread, someone mentioned St. Paul Grill in the St. Paul Hotel--that's likely to be pretty upscale, but you might consider M Street Cafe in the St. Paul Hotel.


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        Okay, for the heck of it, I called around to a few bars and many with good chow are, unfortunately, CLOSED, including Tavern on Grand, Sweeneys, McGoverns and Groveland Tap (all in St. Paul), but according to this blurb in the Pioneer Press, the Muddy Pig is OPEN as is the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis

        Also, not the best of chow, but Mickey's Diner in St. Paul (either the downtown or West 7th locations) might be a breakfast option. Legend has it that they never close: don't even have locks on the door.

        You mentioned dim sum: Tea House II in St. Paul has dim sum on weekends and is open on Christmas Day. You could call to see if they plan on serving dim sum that day:

        EDIT: P.S. I also checked Axel's in Roseville and the Minnesota Grille at Byerly's in Roseville and they are NOT open.


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          Also, I don't know if this would be within your range of options, but Cecil's Deli in St. Paul is open from 9-3pm. (and, wow, I just noticed they deliver, too. A topic for a different thread, but, still...


          Along similar lines, I'm guessing Fishman's in St. Louis Park is probably open, too, but I wasn't able to reach them by phone to check:

          And, just to flesh out all the options, even though this may not suit your mother in law's tastes depending on how adventurous she is, Holy Land deli is open Christmas day:

          Caspian Bistro in Minneapolis hasn't decided whether they'll be open, but even so, they'll close early by 4-5pm. I recommend calling ahead (in fact, I recommend calling any of these places ahead just so you won't be disappointed.)


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            Thank you so much. Trying to find out what is open and what my MIL will eat has been a bit of a challenge. She would happily eat at IHOP or Perkins' but we'd really rather not.

            We have eaten at Mickey's, without MIL, once when we were in town and found it fun.

            Thanks again.

            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              We usually do Chinese on Christmas Day, but I thought of Caspian earlier today and am happy I read the list today. I called and they WILL be open from noon until 5pm on Tuesday. The Caspian is one of my all-time favorites and I think it would make an excellent place. My father is a very, very picky, white-food-palated kind of guy and he likes the food at the Caspian Bistro (even though he gets anxious each time beforehand because he doesn't remember it well). Now that I know they're open, I'm going to try to steer our destination there for my family.

          2. re: The Dairy Queen

            Muddy Pig opens 5pm on Christmas Day (just to follow-up). Pagoda (Chinese, obviously, so it probably won't suit you) in Dinkytown is open on Christmas Day also.

            EDIT: P.S. I don't mean to imply that Muddy Pig is so exceptional and that's why I keep posting about it--it's just that they're one of the few places that has been extra good about getting the word out that they're open... Really, it's just a bar with a decent menu.


          3. George's on Plato in St. Paul--not super convenient to Roseville, is offering a Christmas Day Buffet, 11am-4pm. $12 adults, $7 12 & under, 6 and under free. I've only been there once or twice for all you can eat fish fry during Lent. It's nothing spectacular, just basic classic American. Might be a good choice for your mother in law.


            1. We're looking for a place also as we celebrate Christmas Eve with in laws and family and Christmas Day we're all on our own but we thought it might be fun to do breakfast or dinner out. Last year we did Chinese so this year we wanted to try something else.
              Bank and the Firelake Grill has breakfast. Has anyone been to either? Also Mccormick and Schmicks, the Firelake Grill and Rossi's Steakhouse has dinner. Any thoughts on any of these? Thank you for your help.

              1. Thanks for the tips\suggestions. We have decided to try to make Dim Sum when we arrive in the morning since we are getting up really, really, early to make our flight. We will probably go to Yangtze. For dinner we are heading to Mystic Lake for a buffet dinner since MIL loves gambling and they should be able to give us all something that we can eat.

                Thanks again!