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Dec 15, 2007 06:56 PM

Steak place on new years day?

my mother want to go on her birthday (jan 1) for a great steak.

Moiches is closed

any ideas thanks

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  1. take out your Bar-b-que 'cause the pickens will be slim on Jan.1 You may have luck at one of the hotels but in my experience Jan.1 is impossible to staff for restaurants. Consider having the dinner a few days before or a few days after. Good Luck!!

    1. Doing a quick check of what's open on Jan 1st. There's Restaurant du Vieux Port in Old Montreal, who now classify themselves as a steakhouse & seafood establishment. Hesitate to recommend since I've never been, & it often gets criticized on the food boards, although they do have their devoted fans(notably RhondaB here) is Gibby's also in Old Montreal.

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        I'm not sure this counts as great, but I'm pretty sure The Keg in Place Ville Marie is open on the 1st.

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          i went to Restaurant du Vieux Port recently - while it is a little pricey, the food was in fact very good. I had a rack of lamb done to perfection. We also had a nice seafood platter to start.

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            Gibby's steak is good - and the atmosphere is much nicer than Moishe's (can they put the light level up any higher there?), and the prices are about the same. I don't personally think there's any place in Montreal where you can get a great steak, but if your mother likes Moishes, she should be fine with Gibby's.