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Apr 30, 2000 11:57 AM

Has anyone tried Tokyo Delves?

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Need any opinions about Tokyo Delves(especially the new one in Marina Del Rey)

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  1. It's a party place. The sushi sucks. What you do is go there, drink a bit (or drink beforehand), and when they say "dance," you dance. Keep on drinking, and keep on dancing, and you'll forget about the expensive food. It's a lot of fun.

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    1. re: john k

      I was staying at the Mariott Courtyard right next door last week, so I tried it. I agree with the assessment. However, after the second big bottle of Sapporo, I was much less bothered by the whole deal.

      1. re: BgP

        I was staying at the Marriot Courtyard over the weekend also. I went to Tokyo Delves and it was off the hook. The sushi was ok. It was more gourmet, westernized sushi. The presentation was good but it wasn't authentic sushi. I think I was a little too sloshed to really judge the taste. The atmo was cool though, club-like and very lively. I'd recommend going with a group because sake bombs are boring with only a few people. If you are going with females, there are some cuuuuute waiters there!

        1. re: Mjay

          Seconding (thirding? fourthing?) the above comments. Sushi is passable, but the fun is in the drinking, the dancing and general silliness. Do not go to Tokyo Delves if you are looking for a quiet, intimate dinner!

          It's interesting how this place can separate the "party" people from more introverted types. Went recently with a group of friends, and one friends' new boyfriend was NOT amused by our singing and dancing. Actually made for some uncomfortable moments, until we all decided we didn't give a &*&@!

          Speaking of dancing, I've always found it humorous that, despite the fact that everyone who goes there knows that it's all about standing on your chair and dancing, there are prominent signs reading "No standing on chairs." I figure this is for two reasons; obvious liability issues, but also for the "naughty" factor of doing something you're "not supposed" to do!

    2. The North Hollywood branch (the original) is far better. I have been going there since 1992. Great for birthdays. Small & intimate and more fun. The sushi chefs put on a better show up there. The Marina Del Rey restaurant is huge and doesn't have the same charm. American waiters and too much disco. As for the sushi... in general it is good. there are some things you can't get anywhere else. great rolls. try the dynamite roll. i love the spicy octopus too.