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McKenzie bakery wine cakes

Does anyone know where you can buy wine cakes like McKenzie's used to make in the New Orleans or St. Tammany area. They were the best wine cakes. Does anyone have a recipe that is close to the one they made.

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  1. Can you describe the "wine cake"? I don't remember these. I remember a "russian cake" that was soaked with something alcoholic (marsala? rum? some kinda liqueur?).

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      They were refrigerated and sold upside down and when you cut them the liquid would flow out and the inside of the cake was almost like some type of sponge cake.

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        Was it Baba au Rum? I remember those from the original Gambinos.

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        i would love to have the russia cake recipe if anyone has it

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          Haydels Bakery on jefferson Hwy,They sell th whole cake for $58.00 dollars They call it Russian cake.:)

        2. I remember these wine cakes fondly. I miss them so much. I live in Arkansas and would buy a box full every time I went back home. If you ever find a recipe I would be deeply in you debt if you passed it on to me.

          1. I have been looking for these for years. I once heard that the wine is really some type of corn syrup and water mixture. If you ever get the recipe please pass it on!!

            C'est si bon!!

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              if anyone can get ahold of any McKenzie's recipes please post. Remember the little pound cakes with pecans and marschino cherries on top.

            2. In the past 6 months I have gotten one, a wine cake as you desribe exactly like that (Lawrence's on Elysian Fields used to have them also) From
              Dorignac's on Veterans. I'm sure you could call and order one.

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                I remember the "wine cakes" from Lawrence's (Mr. Wedding Cake) on Elysian Fields. I understand they were a casualty of Katrina and have not reopened. Even though they were called wine cakes, I always thought they were made with rum.

              2. The McKenzie Wine cakes were made with marsala.
                Only like a rum cake in that it was soaked, but even more so.
                This is N.O. after all!!

                Great! I haven't thought of these in years & now I want one.
                SuzyWong, refresh my memory if you will, will that be a Tastee/McKenzie's opening on Harrison Ave?

                I did like the Russian Cake as well.

                1. I just called Dorignac's - 504-834-8216, and they right now have some wine cakes in the bakery case. They are the individual sized ones we remember & are 2.89.

                  1. We used to make the similar wine cakes at our Bakeries in New Orleans. Hoehn's Bakeries. Ours were better than McKenzies ever dreamed of. The recipe I'll have to think on that one, it has been many years. I know it was our Roll dough with additional eggs added in one at a time until the roll dough was gooey. Then with a lot of practice of techniquie placed in a fluted cup and baked we also did very large ones. As they were a yeast product, they were proofed and baked in about a 375 degree oven. They were then slightly cooled. A simple syrup that was flavored with an expensive rum flavoring and some real stuff was prepared in a very large bowel. The wine cakes were placed in the bowel of syrup round side down, when they sank they were gently lifted out placed on a fluted paper liner. They were then garnished with some whipped cream and a marischino cherry. I miss them, as I have not made any since our bakery closed in the early 1980's. When I would go back and visit family in NOLA I would go to McKenzies and get some, but now that they have closed I guess the recipe is semi lost. Good Luck

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                      Hello - Just read your wine cake post from 2009 and wonder if you ever came across the recipe. I write a column for The Advocate and would like to include a wine cake recipe with a future article. And if you don't have a recipe, can you please let me know who might have one?

                    2. Loved the wine cakes at McKenzie! Do you know where I can order?

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                        The only place I can find wine cakes for sale is at Dorignac's in Metairie. I'm writing a cookbook based on the novel 'A Confederacy of Dunces,' and will include a recipe in it.

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                          In this age of home made charcuterie will the book contain a Lucky Dog recipe?

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                            It's what you make of it...it's cul-tcha.

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                              do you have the recipe for seafood gumbo that was sold at the Potpourri Restaurant in Dillards/D.H. Holmes Lakeside?