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Dec 15, 2007 05:07 PM

Very Good Indian in a tough location- Latham (Albany)

We had a lovely take out meal from the new Bombay Grill in Latham last night. We usually get take out from Curry House, but I didn't feel like parallel parking in a pile of snow. Bombay Grill is on Watervliet-Shaker Road, on the other side of route 9 from Bella Napoli. The building had been a Japanese place for a while, and then another Indian restaurant, but a few weeks ago it became Bombay Grill. It's owned by the same people who had the place in the food court in Colonie Center Mall, which was the only thing worth eating there, IMHO. We thought the food last night was really quite good. As good as Curry House. Maybe not up to the ranks of Karavalli, but not as pricey either. Much better than Latham Biryani. They have some items on their menu that you don't see all the time. One chicken dish we had was Chicken Mango. Really delicious and not heavy like the cream-based dishes. The tandoori chicken was also excellent. They have a few Chat dishes as appetizers as well as items I've never seen before, such as dahi bera and golgappay. Most of the meat entrees are chicken, including a lot of kebabs, but there are also lamb, shrimp, fish and goat dishes. There's no beef. All the meat is Halal. Two of the vegetable dishes you don't see all the time are bhindi masala and bangan aloo. For dessert they have gulab jamun and resmali among other items. And 5 kinds of lassi, 3 fruit shakes and 5 fruit juices. I'm looking forward to going back and trying some more of their menu. I just hope they get enough customers in that tough location to stay in business.

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  1. Is that the Indian restaurant that's very close to Ted's Fish Fry?

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      No. Latham Biryani is the one close to Ted's. Bombay Grill is further up route 9, but actually on Watervliet Shaker. It's the intersection with Bella Napoli on one corner and a Firestone place on another corner. If you're heading north on 9 and stop at that light, and look to your right, you'll see it.

    2. Actually, Ted's is just somewhat south on Route 9 from the intersection of Route 9 and 155, so the responder is not too far off. You might want to amplify on the tough location comment. Tough does not mean the neighborhood ambience, which is very strip mall suburban. Tough is the intersection of Route 9 and Route 155, where you could put a couple of years on your pension waiting for the right light for your lane. It's a traffic issue

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        I actually meant tough as in no previous restaurant has been able to survive there. But you're right, trakman, I may have made it sound like a scary neighborhood. It's not at all. Hopefully people around the Albany/Latham area would already know that.