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Dec 15, 2007 04:23 PM

cellophane bags for cookies/candies

It's that time of year and I need small to medium cellophane bags to package my goodies. Does anyone know where I can get cellophane bags (I'd buy at least 100) downtown? I don't have a car to go all the way out to Ares.

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  1. Try a stationery store - they sell them with party goodies - I know Papeterie Westmount (Sherbrooke and Prince Albert in Westmount) has tons of different kinds, in many patterns and solid colours, usually in packs of 20 or so. I remember searching downtown last year for them at all of the stationery stores, and none of them had, but Papeterie Westmount always does...

    1. If you cant get to the store in westmount you can get some nice bags at dollarama i got some bags......that fold over cute...

      1. Try a bulk food store. The one I go to (not downtown) lets me buy spice bags (the small, thin, plain ones) for 3 cents each, and they also stock the specialty printed, crisp cellophane bags for around 15-25 cents each.

        1. Ares? For bags? Geez, their stuff is so overpriced, I wouldn't even consider them for little baggies.
          Any supermarket that sells no-name brands will have little sandwich bags of the ziploc type or just fold-over variety.
          As mentioned, Dollarama has bags, little tins, and boxes as well, that are great for Christmas cookies. I stocked up there last week for this weekend's bake-a-thon.

          1. I some some fancy packages of cellophane at Jean Coutu.