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Favourite dishes on Czehoski's brunch menu?

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What would you recommend?

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  1. I would recommend going somewhere else for brunch!
    Last time I was there it was a disaster - horrible service with overpriced mediocre food.
    Try the Swan a few blocks west.

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    1. re: thebutcher

      Have you tried anything other than the BLT?

      1. re: thebutcher

        I agree with you. The few times I've been there for brunch the service has been absolutely horrendous. There are much better places for brunch (i.e. Saving Grace, Thuet, etc.).

      2. i went once, and while the service was initially bad it was alright once the food came. I had the scrambled eggs with cheddar and bacon and my friend had the benedict. we both thought the food was really good.

        1. Steak and eggs are great, and they use beef from Cumbrae's..Am actually walking up there in about half an hour..