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Dec 15, 2007 03:09 PM

Wine to compliment ham

I've been asked to serve ham for Christmas dinner; what wine is good with ham (what wine will not be ruined by ham)?

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  1. First choice: Riesling. Anything from fuller-bodied but dry (I prefer Austrian Rieslings in this style) to German Spatlese-level sweetness.

    If you want a red I would go with a medium-bodied New World Pinot Noir.

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      We just had a pre-christmas dinner with friends and I served ham. We had a gewurtz with it and it was perfect! Riesling would be nice too, but be sure you don't get a sweet late harvest one--you need a dry one like whiner said. I think Pinot Noir would also work, maybe do a white and a red so your guests have a choice.

    2. If red wines go with red meat and white wines with white meat, why not a pink wine with pink meat? Tavel rose does very nicely.

      1. Both of the other suggestions, Gewurztraminer and a good dry Rose would work in addition to my reccmendations for Riesling and Pinot. :-)

        1. I like Pinot Bianco/Pinot Blanc with ham...

          1. GR... can you describe the "ham" a bit more? Is it plainly boiled, or smoked, or "honey" ham? Any accompanying spices (clove for example)... the exact type of ham will help pick the best match...

            But, just in general, riesling works fairly well, among reds beaujolais can be quite a consistent match...