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Dec 15, 2007 02:52 PM

Ideas on Boston-area foodie Xmas gift?

I'm a relocated Bostonian looking for recommendations on a great Xmas gift for my brother and his girlfriend, who's a serious amateur cook with hundreds of cookbooks. I figured I'd get a gift certificate for a restaurant with a chef's table or something like this... but the only recommendations on this board seem to point to Via Matta. Is that a good choice for someone who is into cooking? Any other thoughts on good places in Boston or in the western suburbs that would be fun for someone who likes to cook? We want to make a good impression on a potential sister-in-law, so any and all recommendations are welcome!

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  1. Hammersley's Bistro in the south end has an open aired kitchen and the food is great. I'm going there tonight and im very excited. If that's not up to par for you, Sibling Rivalry has an open ired kitchen, but lately its sounds like its been a bit inconsistent and might not be worth your money as much as Hammersleys. You could also give your brotha a gift cert. to the cambridge culinary school. Give him a couple classes to help him out with his own cuisine and help him with some new ideas. Good Luck

    1. The "Chef's Table" at Ten Tables in JP is two bar stools at a counter overlooking the small kitchen; at our first dinner there last May that's where BarmyFotheringayPhipps and I sat. We're both good home cooks, and we really enjoyed walking the process - also, folks were really friendly on a busy night, and chef David Punch actually remembered us when we ate there again 5 months later! Plus, the food was terrific.

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