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Dec 15, 2007 02:43 PM

Low Carb grocery store

I just discovered this place, Miss Bobbies Low carb shoppe and cafe in Tustin. I am Glucose intolerant and am on a very low carb diet. Its expensive I bought what I thought was about $40 worth of groceries and it cost me a C note but it will be worth it to keep my blood sugars close to normal.

Miss Bobbies Low Carb Shoppe and Cafe
140 E. Main St Tustin CA

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  1. Couldn't you find foods from a regular grocery store that would be suitable for your needs, but cost you less?

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    1. re: chipman

      No, those places have a lot of specialized foods you can't find elsewhere, like several types of sugar substitutes, nut flours that allow you make baked goods, etc. There's also one in Hollywood, Low Carb U, on Melrose. Most of the ingredients are devoted to trying to replicate things like pizza, doughnuts, muffins and candy that are off-limits on low-sugar diets.

    2. Thanks for your suggestions chipman and yes I do try to find dietary solutions at my local grocer but Chow patty is correct in what she says about alternatives to flour and the like.

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      1. re: ozbuc

        actually, you can find nut flours at any healthy market or natural food store, from whole foods & wild oats, to erewhon & rainbow acres.

      2. Just heard about this place and wondered about the cafe - has anyone eaten there? I'm planning to drive over for some Carbquick (like Bisquick) and their low carb flour. Might as well "do lunch" if it's any good.

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        1. re: Joani Macaroni

          I did not eat there when I was there but I did look at there wall menu which I would describe as a lunch light menu. They had foods that I would not normally eat being that I am diabetic like bread and bagels. The owner assured me that all the menu items were low carb so one day maybe I will next time I am there. FYI they dont open till 11 am

          1. re: ozbuc

            In the San Fernando (also ships!) is


            Nice people, frequent shopper card, best parking is across the street or behind the store.

            Lost 60# this year on low carb :)

            1. re: CatHairCondiment

              Wow! 60# - that's great! I lost 30 but want to take off another 5 - 10 after the holidays. May I ask what are your favorite low carb foods?
              I will share first:
              I found a kind of milk that I really like - "Calorie Countdown" -Hood brand, in a blue carton, low fat, 3 carbs for 8 oz. serving (they also have chocolate in brown, 5 carbs a serving). Only place that has it seems to be Stater Bros. I wish they had nonfat, but this is better than nothing. I switched from lactose-free and had no problems with this brand. The milk sugars are removed and they replace them with Splenda. It's hard to get enough calcium when going low carb so milk this helps.

              1. re: Joani Macaroni

                albertson's has hood low carb milk. the chocolate is my life saver.....and is really good!

                1. re: jay 1

                  Thanks Jay I will check it out.

        2. netrition has great prices and they only charge 4.95 flat fee shipping

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          1. I've eaten at Bobbie's, they have good LC icecream. There's also another low carb store in Paramount called Viva Low Carb just off the 105 Fwy. (7625 Rosecrans ave # 19, Paramount CA 90723) they are online too and have about 800 items the deliver locally including great zero carb bread. Cheers! lowcarbme55

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            1. re: lowcarbme55

              Thanks for the heads up Lowcarbme55 Viva Low Carb will be closer to me than Bobbies.

              1. re: ozbuc

                Finally went to Viva Low Carb in Paramount. Fair selection and pricing for a specialty food store. Mom and Pop operation ran by people who low carb themselves. The store is in the back of a light industrial park.