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Dec 15, 2007 02:17 PM

iso: real biryani, just like my m-in-law's

i have yet to find an authentic biryani like my mother-in-law's. most times i end up getting dried out rice with slivers of flavourless chicken, swimming in oil, and a couple of fried onions for garnish. is there any place in the GTA that serves properly layered, flavourful biryani - the kind where generous amounts of slowly simmered tender morsels of lamb are drenched in intense, reduced curry, layered with soft basmati rice, and saffron butter, topped with just crispy fried onions, plump savoury raisins and roasted cashews.... i don't care if it is a hole in the wall or some auntie's kitchen...

thanks for any leads!

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  1. by far the best Biryani i've found in the gta is in this super small whole in the wall place in scarborough at Danforth and Brimley called 'Ghareeb Nawaz'. They have a location in Chicago which is very famous apparently too. Anyways -- the lamb is only available on the weekends....but the chicken is available everyday and is super cheap and good.

    this is no means whatsoever a place to take a's takeout only and and a total hole (albiet with great eats)

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      FYI - the OP's request and ssainani's tip are mentioned in the National Post today in a very positive review of Ghareeb Nawaz.

      Ghareeb Nawaz Restaurant
      1071 Danforth Rd, Toronto, ON M1J1E4, CA

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        That's cool, thanks for letting us know, JamieK. Gotta get out to try Ghareeb Nawaz.

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          Thanks for the tip! Been searching for a decent & authentic biryani for years!