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Dec 15, 2007 02:02 PM

The Ubiquitous Oyster....

Hi all - I have a question about oysters and here it is...has anyone purchased a box of oysters from Loblaws/Dominion/Sobeys of the type they are advertising right now? For instance, some are listing 33 oysters for 12.99, others have Beausoleil (brand) for $16.99 for 24.

Has anyone bought these? I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to fish b/c often times what they are passing off as fresh has been sitting on ice for longer than I'd like to try. Now I'm thinking does that "commitment to freshness" apply to these...

Which brings me to my next question - shouldn't oysters be in water and not in a box, sitting on a drydock somewhere for X hours waiting for shipment, then making their way to the store, waiting to be displayed, then plopped into a fridge with a sheet of ice underneath.

I'd like to buy some fresh oysters. I'm just wondering if these are a way to go?



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  1. what you need is a lesson on oysters:

    they can/do sit in boxes on shelve in cold storage for up to 3 months. still alive. not sure if that means fresh though.


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      Apparently Oyster boy has stopped offering the Shuck U classes in favour of serving brunch on weekends.

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          I actually was interested in doing the Shuck U thing this past weekend so I wrote to them and here is their reply:

          "Unfortunately we just ran our last Shuck U class on December 9th. We will be opening up for brunch on the weekends starting in January, hence no more Shuck U classes."

    2. I've had good luck with Sobey's fish counter, in the larger stores. They have good east coast connections. You have to settle for one or two types of oyster, whereas Diana's Seafood will typically have at least a half dozen varieties at competitive prices.

      1. Today, Dec. 19, I bought Malpeque Oysters at Dominion, Eglinton at Bayview. From what I gathered, Wesnesday is the day to get fresh seafood there. The oysters were small, meaty and so fresh you would have thought they came from the ocean 5 minutes ago. One dollar a piece, though.