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Dec 15, 2007 02:00 PM

Stella Artois Pint Glasses

Um I Know This Might Be The Wrong Place To Ask But I'll Ask Anyway, I'm Trying To Find Either Just One Or A Set Of Stella Artois Pint Glasses In Central Virginia. Are There Any Places Here In The State That Might Have Them, Without Paying An Arm A Leg And My Splean For them,Thanks.

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  1. If you know of a bar that serves Stella Artois beer on tap, simply ask them to sell you one or a set. Most bars in general will accommodate a customer's request to ensure his/her continued patronage.

    A check of the beer distributor in your area may provide some positive results.

    Check Beer Collectibles on eBay.

    Last, post on Spirits Board.....

    1. go to a bar that sells Stella, ask for the distributors salesman that they buy froms phone number.The salesman should be able to hook you up with glasses.I work in this business in another state.

      1. Our restaurant (in NC) gets them directly from our beverage distributor. So, find out the distributor for your fave restaurant that carries SA and give 'em a call. I'm sure they'd part w/ a couple. I know ours would. Good Luck!

        1. I saw where they have these glasses at

          1. The original comment has been removed