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Dec 15, 2007 01:37 PM

Vegas - Seafood on the Strip

I'm looking for recs for seafood on the Strip in Vegas.....looking to spend about $50/pp not including drinks. I realize this budget is pretty tight!

I can go two ways...traditional seafood or sushi. The restaurant needs to fun, not looking for formal french dining. If I decide on sushi, I'm looking for the most bang for the buck. Who offers high quality sushi at the lowest price? Hopefully some of you have been to a few and can let me know how the bills compared.

Here are the restaurants I'm interested in. Your opinions sought please! Also please add anything I've missed.

- Aquaknox (decor seems good mix of romantic and cool, menu looks yummy. Anyone been there, how are portion sizes, able to stay in budget?)
- Seablue (pricing...doable?)
- Social House
- Okada (been there love it, but is probably out of the current budget? Maybe if we were careful with what we ordered?)
- Nobu (offstrip but doable)
- Japonais (this setting might be a little more laid back than we'd like?)
- Shibuya (what the decor / setting like?)

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  1. I have heard reeally good things about Dragonfly and have been meaning to try it. Which is just off the strip and totally doable. It is the sister of Firefly and it has an asian flare but a good sushi and asian selection. Its asian tapas too which might be interesting. Also its pretty much a local place so its not going to bust the bank

    1. Aquanox - only went once, for lunch, almost 4 years ago. Expensive, not worth it although the room was interesting.

      SeaBlue - you might be stretching your budget but their portions are generous so I think it's doable if every person doesn't need to have their own appetizer and entree. Recently stopped in for an appetizer, their tandoori octopus, really good and very nice portion.

      TAO, Social House, Japonais - never been to any of these.

      Okada - probably out of budget, but lovely. Good food and beautiful room.

      Nobu - never been (well, been in New York), probably out of budget.

      Shibuya - never eaten there but been by it a lot since we often stay at MGM. It's right off the Studio Walk at MGM, the setting isn't as nice as Okada by a long shot, but the room itself looks nice. I'm fairly sure if you do sushi, you can't do it within your budget unless you are light eaters. Not sure about any other menu items.

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      1. re: Debbie W

        Tao is enormous. It's a restaurant/club and turns into a circus at night. I wouldn't do any serious eating there.

        Nobu is Nobu -- it's a Nobu. Good quality, like the other 18 around the world.

        I like Sushi Roku (in the Caesar's Shops) because it replicates the ones in L.A. nicely, and the atmosphere is comfortable for me, not too Vegas-y. There also is a Joe's Stone Crab in the same building. Everyone eating there looked happy.

        1. re: brendastarlet

          Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

          I should have mentioned I'm in SoCal, so I'm not as interested in LA restaurants that have branches in Vegas.

          I'm leaning towards a cooked meal, so excited that SeaBlue might be doable. If the portions are reasonable then I envision us sharing an app and having an entree each and maybe a dessert to share.

          My SO OTOH keep hinting that he'd like sushi..."pick some place, you know like sushi"

          I'm a relatively light eater, my SO is med/big. When we go out for sushi we usually have three rolls or two rolls and a few orders of nigiri and maybe an app.

          I'm looking for a fun Vegas atmosphere, so that's why TAO's not out of the question. I'm also interested in a wow setting in the way that Okada is, just really gorgeous. I'll probably take Shibuya off the list, I probably won't be happy with the setting. Japonais is about to come off as well, unless I hear that the setting/ decor is better than the website seems to indicate.

          1. re: aimeekm

            I think with SeaBlue, the portions on the appetizers are smaller if you get the samplers (like the "fried" or "steamed" sampler) so maybe steer away from those. They have a salad option where you get to choose something like 10 items for your salad (many very interesting) and that might be a good way for your SO to fill up. My husband and I tend to do the opposite of what you're thinking (and he has a very healthy appetite, and I can do my share) - we each get our own appetizers, and we share an entree, and then we get one or two desserts depending. This works for us all over the place. If you are thinking about SeaBlue then why not have them fax over a menu, since, irritatingly, prices are never on the online menus. The room is nice, with some water features, but it's not as stunning as Okada nor is it particularly hip in the vein of N9NE or Stripsteak or TAO or the others. BTW, there are some raw appetizers at SeaBlue although they would probably drive the cost up, but they could potentially satisfy your SO's need for sushi. We also live in SoCal and we tend to stick to sushi locally, following my general rule not to eat sushi where there isn't an ocean, plus Vegas is so expensive. Although we did have a few pieces of sushi at Okada on our one visit, but mostly stuck with the cooked items.

            1. re: aimeekm

              have not been to seablue in the last 6 months - been there 3-4 times - i like it - the tangines are good, i get a kick out of the "make your own " salad.

              you mention you are iopen to TAO ...have you been to geisha house ? did you like it ? if so - hit tao, social house, FIX, stack etc...they are similar in the hip/cool quotient and the food quality ( though i have nt hit social house...yet...soon ! ) koi just opened in planet hollywood.

              i just ate at dragonfly last nite - SO and I enjoyed it - definite asian fusion - sushi / sashimi selections ( we had the salmon sashimi - they give you several "sauce" options that they put on top of the salmon... ) the small plates - hot and cold selections - had tuna sliders - very good/messy, quail eggs wrapped in bacon w/ a chili sauce ( just ok - go next door ...firefly and get the bacon wrapped dates...not as good as AOC - version but still very good ! ) , SO had a curry bowl ...decent - needed a little more curry, but the veggies tasted great. the sake sangria worked for me and i had an "asian vodka " ...refreshing....the scene was hip but a little slow ( tis the season ) but Firefly was packed !!

              i chuckled about the other comment about being close to the ocean when having many sushi-grade selections come from the local LA waters ???

              so - to hit a local vegas place, close or on the strip - with sushi and hot foods - i think dragonfly is worth a try. there are a couple other places near hard rock that might be of interest ( japanese - sushi and hot foods ) if interesting in knowing ...just ask.

              1. re: kjs

                Where are Firefly and Dragonfly? Are they on Paradise? Is there a parking lot? Are they open for lunch?

                That was me with the sushi comment. Yeah, I know that we're not getting really local sushi in L.A. and thank heavens for that! Maybe with the exception of Santa Barbara prawns, and possibly uni? And what with air shipping, everyone has access to the good stuff. It's just my old rule from when I used to take business trips to places like St. Louis and Cleveland. I wouldn't want to eat anything from Santa Monica Bay. I'm horrified that I used to swim in it all the time when I was a youngster back in the 60's and 70's.

                1. re: Debbie W

                  Firefly and Dragonfly are right next to each other. They are located on Paradise right off Flamingo -- across the street from Del Friscos and Gordon Biersch. Its in a strip mall with Ruth Chris, Marakech and Yolis. Firefly is open for lunch. For dinner you should get reservations for firefly. Not sure whether Dragonfly is open for lunch

        2. I recommend Tao highly for sushi and seafood. I have not gone wrong yet with anything I have ordered there. The menu is conducive to sharing and passing dishes. It will be quite reasonable to stay within you budget there. Wine list was not the greatest, but if you like sake or intricate martinis, you'll be in heaven. Highly recommend the lobster wontons and the soy-glazed chilean seabass. It is a fun, loud restaurant. By no means should you expect a quiet, romantic evening there.

          I also recommend Aquanox although it may be pushing it close to you price limit. You may have to split some appetizers. I had no problem with the portion sizes there, but I must qualify that by saying that I don't have a problem with any restaurant I've dined at with respect to portion sizes. We're sort of an overfed society in general. Back to Aquanox; the fish was well prepared and obviously fresh as one would expect at this price point. The appetizers were creative. The desert I had does not stick in my mind. The winelist was great for whites which works well for a seafood restaurant. This was the polar opposite of Tao as far as atmosphere. The tables were quiet and secluded. We were seated in a booth that was closed off by a curtain and very secluded. My wife and I felt like we were the only people there even though the restaurant was quite busy. This was a top-notch seafood restaurant.

          Have not eaten at the others you mentioned, but would like to try SH, Okada and Nobu. Good luck!