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Dec 15, 2007 01:11 PM

Need a dessert idea for Christmas dinner

I'm supposed to bring a dessert for Christmas dinner. It does not need to be big or rich. Most of my recipes fall in that category, so I'm looking for something different. Like I said, it will follow a big meal and will be served with Christmas cookies, so it does not need to be big. But it should be a little special. Here are the three thoughts I've had so far: Mini-cheesecakes? I have one of those mini-cheesecake pans with the removable bottoms, so I could do something with that. But what would work that wouldn't be overly rich? Or mini-cream puffs? Filled with what? Again, how to do without being too rich? Maybe just keep them small? Or, what about a flan, creme caramel type of thing?

Any riffs on these or other ideas? Thanks!

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  1. creme puffs filled with peppermint stick ice cream, a little chocolate sauce on top.

    1. I'm smiling because, short of creme brulee, you picked the richest desserts I could think of...:-}

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        I know. Maybe just making them smaller? I did have one other idea myself -- small almond financiers in mini-muffin pans with a dried cherry sauce? Others?

      2. Red velvet cake with cream cheese dressing served in thin slices. I served this at Thanksgiving along with all the traditional desserts and my family has insisted it be served at Christmas as well. A small daloop of whipped cream with fresh raspberries as a plate decoration served with coffee or port takes the guests to meal-nirvana.

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          Check out the croustade recipe Leslie Brenner had in this week's LA Times food sections ( It looks simple and fabulous!

        2. Is it a big group? I think individual tarte tatins would be great.

          1. How about some roasted fruit? Like pears, perhaps, roasted in red wine?
            In keeping with the "light" theme, you could top with some thick Greek yogurt sweetened with maple syrup or honey.

            Here is a recipe I found for roasted pears: