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Dec 15, 2007 12:32 PM

(Alexandria VA) Retail tea store w/ high turnover?

I'm in Alexandria, and don't want to trek into town to go to Teaism (and to be honest, I've never seen enough traffic in the store there to make me confident that they have a reasonable amount of turnover in stock). Is there anyplace closer to me that might be worth checking out?

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  1. I've been through Teaism off-peak (Dupont Circle) through the years and they have always seemed high volume to me. Not only that, they have 3-4 stores in DC that altogether must do great daytime traffic. Try Teaism's source if you don't want to leave the house (buy direct).

    I was about to mention British Connection and Tea Company in Old Town but it seems to have closed down. Have you been to Ching Ching Cha in Georgetown?

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        They have a high turnover? What is their selection like?

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          I stopped by OT Coffee Tea & Spice this afternoon, and was very happy with what I found. Frank, the owner, knows his stuff, and even at 4pm on a blustery Monday afternoon, there were a good half a dozen people in there buying tea, which speaks well for their turnover. They've got a great selection (the "carryout menu" I'm looking at right now has ~150 teas and ~60 coffees) and their prices are also pretty good--about half of what Teaism or Teavana charged the last time I was at either of those places; for folks who don't want to break the bank trying some of the pricier varieties (some top $100/lb), Frank said he'll brew you up a cup of any variety for $1.

          I'm a little disappointed in myself that I've lived in Alexandria for a decade and am only now discovering this place...

      2. If you are willing to drive to Fairfax or Tysons. Wegman's has looseleaf tea and I am sure it has high turnover we have been happy with the quality although their selection is limited only about 20-30 cans.

        Teavana in Tysons has amazing turnover and tea, but it is pricey.