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Dec 15, 2007 12:24 PM

What to do with ham broth?

I have two quarts of ham broth made from the last 'city ham' I cooked. Any ideas for recipes I can use it for (not split pea soup). I seem to be coming up short on the search results.........thanks!

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  1. Use it for cooking greens (collards, kale, whatever) or braising cabbage/bok choy. Or use it instead of water/chicken broth to make a pilaf with barley (or brown rice or wild rice). Bet it would make good polenta, too, but I haven't tried that.

    Though I've gotta say, bean or pea soup is the first thing that comes to mind with me.

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      Agree that southern-style greens come to mind. Toss a crushed garlic clove or two in the pot, and sprinkle in some crushed red pepper to add a little kick. Serve with extra broth to the side for dunking cornbread, and maybe pass something vinegary for drizzling at the table.

      Or white bean soup. Or any of several SE Asian soups.

    2. I'd either use it as the liquid in a simple risotto with Parmesan, or as the base for a Portugese caldo verde.

      1. What's wrong with pea soup??? I like the polenta idea. I'll bet that polenta would be great with sunny side up eggs on it! Maybe a soup with brocolli or cauliflower?

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          LOL! Nothing's wrong with pea soup, scuzzo! I already made enough for an army from the original ham.....I even froze about three quarts *after* eating a quart per day for lunch for a joke! I love me some pea soup, but even I have my limits :)

        2. Why don't you freeze it in plastic ice cube trays and zip loc for later use when you make soups/veggies/gravies. I do it with stocks all the time.

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            Actually, it is frozen. I'm just not sure what sort of recipes to use it in and I want to prepare in advance. I never used ham broth in anything before, but I could not waste one bit of the ham I cooked as it goes against my grain, so I made this broth on advice from this site. Now I need recipes from the vast font of knowledge that makes up the users on this site :)

            1. re: diablo

              I can honestly say that I am not part of that illustrious 'font'.. Wish I was.:-}
              I've used ham broth to make gravies, boil veggies, and as the liquid to moisten stuffing for pork dishes.
              The best use was to make lentil ( NOT pea) soup. At that time I also had the ham bone. The ham gave it a delicious, smoky taste. Once I added the potatoes, it thickened and was more like a hearty stew. Now, whenever I make lentil soup, I always add a ham bone.:-}

          2. I've used chicken stock to make bread and it's awesome. I'd try ham stock. Add cheddar or Swiss? I'll bet this would be great. And you could've sent me some of that pea soup...