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Apr 24, 2000 12:26 AM

cheap eats in glendale

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(First - I must apologize for posting hastily to all these old threads. I was so excited by the board that I could not control myself.)

I've lived in Glendale a few months, and I've just started looking for regular places to eat. Unfortunately, I'm a programmer at a .com, so I don't keep very regular hours. (There are outside projects as well.) It also means that I need to sometimes grab a snack late at night.

Where should I go? I'm looking for a good Korean place (that has Korean food) (BBQ or otherwise).

Is Cinnabar a bar or a restaurant?

Right now, my two favorite spots for cheap eats are Porto's Bakery (and Elian rescue headquarters -- just kidding) and Cafe Bravo.

Porto's on Brand has Cuban style sandwiches and pastries. The sandwiches don't look so large, but they're rich with butter or pork fat, and leave you stuffed and sleepy.

Bravo's up on Glenoaks and Grandview (next to the KFC) has the best chicken sandwich I've ever had. I go there whenever I have to do some work at home, and know that I'll be showing up at work after 11 AM. In fact, as I type this, I'm concting a reason to work late tomorrow morning so that I can eat an early lunch at Bravo. Their menu is the usual "Armenian", with some crosscultural mixes that are inevitable for a culture that's been displaced often.

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  1. One of my favorite places in Glendale is Mario's Italian Deli on Broadway a block above Glendale Ave. It's an authentic Italian deli that sells homemade sauces and lasagna and sausage and tiramisu etc. What I go for are the Italian Sub sandwiches. They are huge and delicious - I like mine with just oil and vinegar, and you can choose from an extensive list of cold cuts and cheeses.
    Cinnabar is in fact a restaurant, and although I have not been, I hear it's pretty good. I don't know about Korean in Glendale but Ariang in Pasadena is supposed to be good, and of course there is all of Koreatown to explore from Soot Bull Jeep to the 24hour tofu house on Western (is it BCD? something like that). Also, for cheap eats in Glendale, if I'm in a health-be-damned mood, the Hot Wings Cafe on Brand Blvd. makes some truly great hot wings.

    1. Glendale is not precisely a chow paradise, but there are some consolations. The great Zankou, of course, Armenian barbecued chicken with garlic sauce pungent enough to stink into the next millenium, and the hidden Thai treasure Indra, with just outstanding Bangkok-style meat-and-threes. Master Cake, on Glenoaks, is the great undiscovered Cuban sandwich depot. And way in the north, La Cabana serves good, if cheesy, Mexico City-style antojitos.

      1. Billy's is a Jewish deli which hasn't changed since God was a pup. 216 N Orange, Glendale.

        El Buen Gusto is an excellent Mexican/Salvedorean hole in the wall. The only better chicken soup I've had was at a Chinese restaurant or at home. 214 E. Broadway, Glendale.

        1. i like n'awlins for reasonable cajun food. i'm totally nuts about tommy burgers. can't help it. i'm addicated to their chili. try a french goat cheese adn roast beef sandwich in back deli in the armenian market. it is incredible and huge and cheap and you can get it and save it for later (not toooo much later) right on with the cuban sandwiches. huge, cheap and satisfying.