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Dec 15, 2007 11:51 AM

Mercury Cafe

Hey all,

All ya' out here in da riv (Riverdale) should check out Mercury Cafe on Queen East for nice coffees, especially the late selections. Their service is decent, plus you can mooch on their wi-fi. Plus their stuff is fair trade.

So yeah, if your closer to Carlaw/Logan instead of having to walk to Tangos at Jones, or give your money to $$$tarbuck$$$, hit this place up. For two you'll spend just under $10, but more like $10 with tip (that's not including snacks). This is were I go when I'm feeling petty-bourgeois. ;-)

Your friendly local neighborhood commie,

Redcoconut. :-D

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  1. I like Mercury as well. IMHO, their latte is the best in TO. Too bad that they are pretty far away from DT, where I am located.

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    1. re: tree25

      Are you any closer to Manic? IMO, their latte beats Mercury's hands down.

    2. I agree Mercury's coffee is exceptional; if you want a roomier place to hang out, Dark Horse just past Broadview, is good too.