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Dec 15, 2007 11:47 AM

Nancy Silverton Ground Beef At Huntington Meats

Saw this ground beef mix last time I was perusing their meat counter. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. Yeah, the best burger I've ever had was made with it. Granted, made by my girlfriend's dad who is one of the best cooks I know. Grilled medium rare, salt and pepper, a slice of tomato and some mustard...

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    1. re: fooddude37

      yeah, it's totally delicious. only thing is you can't really pan fry them because they're like 20% fat. they work great on the grill, though.

      1. re: themook

        Get a grill pan! I refuse to make burgers from anything less than 20% fat - if my doctor tells me not to eat that, I'll just give up burgers - and I don't care much for open-flame grilled ones. Grill pan on the cooktop lets the fat run off, gives that lovely flavor that flat-grilling imparts, and simplifies cleanup.

        I am definitely going to get some Silverton mix next Farmer's Market run, though I usually shop at Marconda because of Huntington's prices. How much is the Nancyburger, anyway?

        1. re: themook

          It's ground prime chuck with enough added sirloin fat to bring it up to between 20% and 28% fat.

          1. re: themook

            If you cook it much past rare, it might be another story, but I sear it in hot cast iron pretty regularly, and it works great.

            1. re: condiment

              I use the cast iron skillet, too, to get a nice crust and exterior color.

              1. re: Hungry4Good

                I made it several times in a cast iron skillet and found it just OK. Then I cut it 1/3 Nancy, 2/3 NY strip sirloin. What a difference!!

        2. Yup, best suited to the grill. I've used this a number of times, and it's really a wonderful mix. Highly recommended -- but wait until you can grill it.

          1. Yes, my sister-in-law bought and grilled the burgers with just salt and pepper, following NS's recipe/preparation. They were okay. I cant remember the details of the meat, but the butcher will tell you, and I think it's 22 percent fat. I didn't need to try it more than once. I prefer a leaner burger and top sirloin. Also, I knew ahead of time the fat content and couldn't get it out of my mind. We were sworn to secrecy and couldn't tell my mother in law.

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            1. re: Bite Me

              I've had it about 5 times, all grilled over a wood fire. It can be very good or just average and I think it may depend on how recently the mix was ground.
              I find that I can make a better burger from having the butcher grind a piece of chuck that I've picked out or a combination of chuck and some ribeye if I want to splurge.

            2. Yes, it makes a very good burger. They started offering it after the LAT ran an article on her burgers a few years ago. We always pick up a pound when they have it.