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Dec 15, 2007 11:40 AM

Good Restaurants Near Dunkin Donuts Center?

Going to see Friars basketball game next Saturday. Tired of Trinity Brewhouse. Anywhere nice to eat (American or Italian) nearby?

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    1. Bravo has nice American bistro fare. Murphys and Blakes are good for pub food. If you feel like Italian, Federal Hill is two minutes away in a car.

      1. Check out Shulas 347... Good food, won't destroy your wallet, like his steakhouses, and you can just about touch the D&D Center from there..

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        1. re: Fox71

          Shulas 347 would be my choice as well. Right across the street, a decent value, and solid food.

          For something completely different, Bravo for New American or Trinity Brewhouse (also across the street) for pub food are excellent choices as well.

          - Garris

          1. re: Fox71

            NO self respecting New-Englander would eat at a restraunt owned by long time dolphins coach Don Shula. Asterick this SHula...... Go PATS! Its like eating at a OSAMA Bin Laden owned kebab house in New York. That guy has alot of nerve opening a restraunt in enemy territory. I think he should take his delicious steaks back to Miami.

            PS I heard the food is good. However, I am morally opposed.

            1. re: hokiefan

              HAAAAAA! I thought the very same thing, upon seeing the Shula recommendation. In my mind, I was hollering, "Asterisk! Asterisk next to the menu items!" Eff Shula's!

              But it might be good.

              I'm going to that Friars game also. I like Union Station Brewery for good pub food, but it has been a while----I remember having some great casual meals there. We had planned on eating out post-game (and would get in the car to do so, most likely, so location wouldn't matter) but now are going to a party near Wayland Square, so that's off. Possibly can convince the husband to stop by La Laiterie on the way or something.

          2. Thanks for the input. I've been to Blake's and enjoyed it. Shula's sounds promising!