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Apr 22, 2000 12:39 AM

What do they eat in Borneo?

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My friends and I spin a globe, point blindly, and try to find a restaurant with the cuisine of the country we've landed on. Our latest chance choice was Borneo. What do they eat in Borneo? Are there any Bornean restaurants in L.A.? No headhunter jokes please.

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  1. Believe it or not, the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel has a few strange, belecan-rich Southeast Asian dishes on the menu, which I'm guessing come from Brunei (the hotel is owned by the Sultan), an oil-rich microcountry on the island of Borneo. Is that close enough?

    1. Having just returned from a two week trip to Borneo we can certainly try to help with this question. First off, it would be very hard to find actual Bornean food in Los Angeles but Borneo is part of Malaysia so your best bet is Kuala Lumpur or other Malaysian restaurants (see posting on Malaysian/Nonya food). The food in Borneo is similar to that of pennisular Malaysia but with regional differences.

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        Very cool. Thanks for the info. I think I'm gonna try the Malaysian food in El Monte. What were you doing in Borneo? What a great adventure!

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          "Very cool"

          Indeed. One of the big advantages of getting the increased traffic this site is now getting is that one can ask a question like "what do people eat in Borneo?" and get a reply from someone who's just returned from there!

      2. So, I suppose "each other" would be a bit much?

        Actually, we had some friends who had gone there about 20 years ago, and cannibalism was big back then. But yuck.