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Dec 15, 2007 11:07 AM

North Shore Distiller's Gin No. 6

Has anyone tried it? I live in PA, and so if I buy some I have to special order it and buy three bottles. Is it worth taking the plunge?

To give you an idea of my tastes, I was a Bombay Sapphire man for a while, but my favorite since moving to PA has been Bluecoat.

Here's some info about No. 6:

(Incidentally, Food & Wine described Bluecoat as the vodka-drinker's gin, which offended me greatly—did they even taste it?)

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  1. I like Bluecoat much better, but they are two radically different types of gin. Also I don't care for Sapphire much. North Shore has a very big and bold cardomom taste. Too much for me most of the time and I love cardomom. Here's what I thought of North Shore.

    I don't understand how F&W could make that statement either. With Bulldog yes, but never Bluecoat. It has such a pronounced juniper and musky orange zest taste to it.

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      Yeah, I don't care for Sapphire much these days either. It's just the gin I had first (at 23 I;m relatively new to the spirit/cocktail game). I have a big bottle left over from those days, but I mostly use it for mixing and for non-VIP guests ;).

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        I really like North Shore- they use lavender and it really makes it a unique and well balanced drink. Didn't notice any excess of cardomom. Another great gin is Rehorst. I think they use basil and ginseng, had the best martini of my life this summer at my nephews cabin in northern WI. Can't seem to find it back home in Chicago.

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          I have come to know North Shore much better over the years. It was only that first bottle that had the overwhelming cardomom. I find it to be an excellent, well balanced and well crafted gin.

          Rehorst gin is also excellent.

        2. Here's a thread about fun new gins:

          I also live in PA, and I've bought Junipero, which is terrific, in the state stores. There are also some terrific gins to be had if you can make it to DE or NJ. And if you haven't had Hendrick's, it's generally available ad very good -- unusual, though, with a bit of rose to it -- serve it with cucumber instead of lime.

          1. We love North Shore Distiller's Gin -- rather flavorful but balanced. We use it to complement drinks with floral ingredients to complement the gin's lavender. We use it sparingly though since we cannot get it here in MA (in a store or shipped), and it requires waiting until we're in Chicago again.

            Instead of Sapphire, why not give Bombay Dry Gin (the white label) a try? Completely different formula.


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              My regular drinkers are either the Original Bombay Dry Gin [in the white label] and Boodles. I was in Florida for vacation a few weeks ago and almost fell over when I found Bombay for $24 for a 1.75 litre bottle.