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Apr 17, 2000 08:57 PM

Please help me find a good, cozy!

  • j

My company is having a party. We need to find a nice, not-so-trendy bar. We want a place that is not too trendy (read: expensive!) but still has a character of its own (read: please, not "Yankee Doodles").

So, whaddya think?

(Currently we seem to be considering J. Sloan's on Melrose. Your analysis of this bar is welcome.)

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  1. j
    Jessica Nemeroff Ritz

    My default bar is always the Formosa on Santa Monica Blvd. The hipster level can be annoyingly high at times, but it's better than other places in the area, and with the outdoor seating area it's relatively easy to have a group gathering. I think they can reserve the patio for parties. It has a certain amount of classic Hollywood cache', reasonable drink prices, and the joint definitely has atmosphere. However, I don't recommend the food. I went to a gathering for my college at Yankee Doodle (they used to be at the Formosa) last week and I couldn't believe someone actually chose that place. yuck.

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    1. re: Jessica Nemeroff Ritz

      Jessica -

      Please specify what part of town you want to imbibe in. L.A. is a big city.

      1. re: Jenji

        Westside, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, etc. Think 310.

        1. re: Jeff Shore

          There's a neat little bar in Santa Monica on second street just north of Broadway in the bottom of a little hotel there. It's called Voda and it's got an extensive martini menu and it's poorly marked so look for the hotel and check for a nice door. It's not a dive. It's semi-new and sort of upscale, dimly lit and it's got some little tables for a rendezvous or the main bar for group fun. It's pretty cozy, but because it is, it can get crowded.

          1. re: Jenji

            If your party is soon, you might also consider Bob Burns at the corner of Wilshire and 2nd St. in Santa Monica. It's an old-fashioned steak 'n' chops sort of place with Christmas lights up year 'round. It belongs in Palm Springs.

            You better go fast, though because it's closing in July and will be turned into a Houstons... Very sad indeed.

            P.S. Hi, Jenji!

            1. re: Ethan

              I heartily concur with Ethan, and howdy right back at ya!