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Dec 15, 2007 10:44 AM

Catering a very casual wedding party

My new husband and I eloped last weekend, and in a few months we're planning to have a casual party to celebrate this fact at a friend's loft in midtown. We're inviting about 70 friends and would like to serve wine, champagne, and some heavy hors d'oeuvres. (The party will be from 5 to 8 pm). Does anyone have recommendations for an inexpensive way to cater this? The loft doesn't have much of a kitchen, so the food would need to be prepared elsewhere. Ethnic variations (Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern, etc) are most welcome. Many thanks.

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  1. well, you could just order from an inexpensive restarant you like and order as much as you wish. There isn't going to be many other options.
    Hope you find a solution!

    1. Do you have any sort of "definite" number or range for what you mean by inexpensive (per person or total)? When you say "catered", do you want it delivered and/or set up/served and/or cleared afterward, or are you planning to do deal with that yourself and just need lots of hand-sized things to eat? Without any sort of number, I'd tend to agree with lolgirl0311, my idea of "inexpensive" and "catering" don't really go together in Manhattan or within close working range.

      1. brighteyes00,

        Congrats on your marriage! :-) Other than a catering company, I agree with lolgirl0311 that your best bet is to choose a restaurant that does catering. For example, Turkish Kitchen, one of our favorites, serves an array of delicious hot and cold mezzes which would be excellent for a cocktail party. Acc. to their website, they cater.


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          1. Thanks for the suggestions. By inexpensive, I guess I mean under $10 per person. As for setting up, etc., we can do that ourselves. We just need lots of tasty finger foods for lots of people. Any other restaurant or food store suggestions would be welcome.

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              "Under $10 per person," unless YOU prepare the food yourselves, is pretty much going to limit you to hummus and baba ghanouj and platters from the deli. If that!

              Take out in New York is expensive. You may be able to put together a fairly inexpensive and tasty spread with the aid of Trader Joe's... but if you go to a restaurant or caterer, I can't imagine it not costing significantly more than $10 per person.