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In search of incredible lox?

Where can I find the best lox in the Los Angeles/Hollywood/Pasadena area? I am looking to purchase some for a brunch at my home...

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  1. Barney Greengrass in Beverly Hills

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      definitely greengrass.

      HOWEVER, make sure you know what you're asking for so you get the right item whe you order it. do you really want lox [the salty, belly lox], or are you actually looking for nova? [regardless, you should buy it there - its the best in town.]

      see this previous thread for explanation/clarification...


      scroll down almost all the way to the bottom & read the discussion mr. taster & i had about lox & nova.

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        I followed the fellow members' advice in October and went to Barney Greengrass, and they were spot-on. It's worth the money. And goodhealthgourmet's advice is also smart; what's normally called lox at other places is served as nova at Barney Greengrass. And there's so many other awesome fish preparations to tempt you there. Make sure to sample the sable, which was my favorite; one coworker of mine loves their whitefish. I immediately wanted to turn back to the table and have a plate of gravlax when I spied it in the case.

      2. My stepmom just got 3 lbs. for our annual XMAS lox & bagel family brunch which is tomorrow. She always gets great lox, and ever since Phil's closed, she's been getting it at Santa Monica Seafood.

        Some folks like the lox at Costco.

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          Phil's on Larchmont? Wasn't there another location for Phil's?

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            San Vicente in Brentwood, I think.

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              Were in Beverly Hills and Studio City too.

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            We serve the COSTCO lox at our annual New Years Day brunch and it is always very good and consistent for the price

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              You can't go wrong with Costco lox. Of course, it's always a matter of individual taste, but my deli-man father in law loves their lox above all others. He knows. He knows.

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              imho, spare yourself and skip the lox from costco.

            3. Fish King in Glendale. Really good. Consistent quality.

              1. Smart and final carries lasco brand and is bettr that costco and good priced.

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                  If Lasco is good, I have no idea, I think I have seen it at the Jons on Vermont. Do not know the price.

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                    No doubt Barney Greengrass would be your #1 but I do love the different smoked salmons at Trader Joes and it is reasonable. I just tried the smoked wild caught. It was salty but delicious!

                  2. there is a russian/armenian store called "bazaar market" on reseda blvd., on the east side of the street about a 1/2 mile north of the 101. outstanding lox, and they also have quite a few russian foods that are made either by their employees or local residents. their pelmeni and pirozhki are great - just like my mothers (she's 89 now and doesn't cook as much as she used to, so we have to find alternatives).

                    the other place that we buy lox is costco. but, they do have different varieties and some of them are seasonal. the best (in this penguin's opinion) is the kirkland brand wild sockeye salmon. very, very nice and very reasonable.

                    1. there used to be a homarus outlet near beverly hills. does anyone know of they've moved or who sells homarus stuff now?

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                        Homarus on Pico is closed. (Big sad sigh.)

                        I don't know if anyone else here sells their stuff.

                      2. In addition to the other suggestions, Bristol Farms (the Doheny/old Chasen's branch) has excellent nova & a good selection of smoked salmon (e.g. Scottish, Gravlox, etc)

                        1. Since this thread is reopened I will throw in another vote for the (unbelievably expensive) novy at Barney Greengrass... but frankly when I really, really, REALLY need to put on the Ritz, I order the very best novy in the world -- the Gaspe novy from Russ and Daughters' appetizing store on Houston Street -- and I have it shipped overnight.

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                            Soon you'll be able to sample the lox (assuming they will carry it) at Dean & Deluca in Fashion Island, Newport Beach (if the economic melt down hasn't set back its opening yet again?).

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                              'if the economic melt down hasn't set back its opening yet again?'

                              It's going to be a roller coaster ride for a while. Some where in 2010 might be the time to break out the Andre to celebrate, "Yay - this really does look like the bottom this time!" In the mean time, lox trimmings sales should be brisk. :)

                          2. There is a market on Burbank and Whitsett, north east corner that carries a brand from New York for $10 a pound. It is not what I would serve as a pre-dinner course with minced onions and capers but it sure does well on bagels with cream cheese, onions and tomato.

                            1. Just did a Google search and came up with Gordon's Fish Emporium on Pico. They carry Irish Smoked salmon