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Dec 15, 2007 09:51 AM

Elegy for Element, Atlanta

The last time I visited Atlanta (September), I ate at Element. It turned out to be one of the most exciting meals I've eaten in Atlanta, made more exciting (and eventually annoying) by the rowdy crowd in the bar above the restaurant--it was the night of the Georgia Tech v. Boston College game! When I went to the web site a month later, it had closed.

I'm interested to know what happened to the restaurant, but more importantly: Where is Richard Blais? He deserves to be cooking somewhere. I considered the dinner at Element to be on par with WD-50 in New York. Can Atlanta sustain such creative cooking?

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  1. good timing - he and some of the crew from element have taken on the kitchen at Elevation in kennesaw. lots more info at a local blog -

    Haven't been yet, but early reports are very positive...

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        Wow. Blais has a restaurant in what looks like a converted diner at the Kennesaw Airport and now he might be on Top Chef. What's going on? It seems to me like he's too restless and would do well to devote himself to a signature restaurant for a few years. I can't imagine he would have trouble finding a good home.