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Dec 15, 2007 09:46 AM

Chinese Delivery in Marda Loop/Killinary Area

I live in the Richmond Park area in Calgary (just west of the old Viscount Bennet High School) and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for Chinese delivery in the area?


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  1. I'm a bit west of you (Glenbrook, just east of Sarcee), and usually get Chinese from Toi Shan on Bow Trail and 37th. It's pretty good, not mind-blowing by any means, but usually fills the need for Chinese. You may also be able to get delivery from Peking Dragon on 4th, which is usually pretty good as well.

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      While attending Mount Royal College, I used to love/ live off the food from The Golden Leaf. It's at the corner of 37 ST SW and Richardson Way, across from the Petro-Can and 7-11. Pretty standard westernized chinese food. Good ginger beef, dumplings, lemon chicken, sweet&sour pork, and beef in black bean sauce. That was good enough for me!

      Oh, their Singapore Rice Noodles were my favorite... fresh, perfectly cooked noodles with a nice hit of spicy goodness and cruncy veggies!

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        Is anyone aware of any Chinese Delivery in the Marda Loop area touting itself as msg-free? Love the food, hate the migraines.

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          August Moon

          (403) 255-7793

          9630 Elbow Dr SW

          It's not quite the Marda Loop area, but they will deliver to you! They are msg free, and not too expensive! And SUPER yummy! I absolutely love August Moom... their ginger beef is to die for! Hope this helpS!
          Calgary, AB T2V

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          I tried Golden Leaf a few weeks back on the recommendation of a friend. It was okay, but nothing special.

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            Are veggies in Singapore rice noodles supposed to be "crunchy"? I hate it when local Chinese places have these horrible chunks of undercooked bell peppers or, God help me, celery. It took me a long time and some home cooking to realise that celery could be a lovely addition to a stir fry but not in massive raw chunks.

        3. Imperial Bowl, 3855 17 Avenue SW, is pretty good. They have a website with the menu (


          Avoid Dragon Gate (marda loop, 33 Ave SW). How stir fried vegetables can turn out so mushy is a mystery.

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            Thanks for the link! I wish every delivery place had as clear an online menu,

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              what about the sketchy place on 19th Ave SW by Forage - I've never seen anybody in there...

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                Assuming you mean 19th St SW by Forage, looks like Imperial Bowl took over that spot.

                Imperial Bowl Restaurant
                3512 19 St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 2C1, CA