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Dec 15, 2007 09:30 AM

Best Sushi in San Antonio?

Got a hot date ... she likes sushi. Got suggestions? How does Wasabi rate?

Thanks, Lagniappe

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  1. Based on 2 visits, I'd say several nearby Sushi restaurants are much better than Wasabi. My personal favorite is Godai's on West Ave. but if it was a hot date, the atmosphere at Sushihana (Northwest Military beteween West and 410) is hard to beat.

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    1. re: Sam Spade

      Sushihana has always treated us very well.

      1. re: mac8111

        Yokonyu on Houston is terrific - it's made me a sushi fan, I really didn't like it before I started coming here.

    2. Thanks guys!
      She was adamant at meeting @ Wasabi. First thing I noticed was cream cheese in the sushi. Where the hell did that idea come from? Somehow I don't think it's an essential ingredient in Japan.

      BUT I really appreciate your other recommendations. Now that THAT wild hot affair is over, I'll hold out for better sushi w/ the next one. Have never been to Sushihana or Godai ... so will make those my targets.

      1. I'll second the recommendation for Godai, definitely tops in SA in my book. Second I'd go for either Spice Asian Bistro (1604/Blanco) which is both Thai and sushi or Kona Grill, which is not just a sushi place but is a good "bar" atmosphere if you're in the mood and has good sushi as well. We've never had bad at either of those two, but Godai definitely rocks!

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        1. re: scrapcatb

          Appreciate all the confidence shown for Godai. Gotta go there w/ the next wild woman. (Don't get out to eat a lot by myself.) One thing I've noticed is a big trend towards using cream cheese in sushi (where did that perversion originate?) It it just sloppy sushi making ... using cream cheese to glue it together? Or is it just cheap stuffing?
          At least the Manchego used at Yokonyu was chosen for taste, not just glue.

          Though not traditional, some of the fusion attempts look interesting.

          Been to Spice Asian Bistro & Kona Grill ... disappointed in the 1st due to all the cream cheese (again). Kona is nice ... and a nice place to meet someone @ happy hour.

          Thanks again for all the feedback.

          1. re: EdLagniappe

            I think the cream cheese sushi comes from Mexico.
            Here in Mexico almost all sushi bars have a lot of cream cheese more than half of the menu
            except the traditional ones that are great.

        2. DUH! I did not notice this was already a topic. Helpful information. Kinda new at this stuff...