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Apr 13, 2000 06:11 AM

alhambra and monterey pk

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I'm out that way twice a week at cal state LA. been looking around but could use some suggestions. tried harbor village for dim sum. good but expensive. I like asian or mexican. but anything notable would be appreciated. would like something interesting in east LA.
by the way, I've been enjoying reading all of your comments about places I've eaten, and I've been inspired to try places too.


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  1. Noodle World and Noodle Planet, both on Valley in Alhambra or San Gabriel, both offer fabulous noodle dishes from China, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, etc., and are quite inexpensive.

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      Nix noodle world/planet. They're okay, but they're like the denny's of noodles. The noodles are just OK, and the soup is pretty lame. Unfortunately, when I lived down there, I was pretty broke, so I didn't get out much, and I cannot comment on all the restaurants. I liked Luk Yue - there's one at Atlantic and Garvey, and another at Garfield and Garvey. It looks divey, but they have all the usual things, and they're really good. (usual = hot pot, chow mein, duck won ton, roast pork, char siu pork, chow fun) I like My Dung on Garvey too, but that's way down the street near Beach's market. Still, they've got to be the best low-cost Vietnamese shop in the area. Their soup is so clear and subtle, it's like heaven. If you're a veggie, the Happy Family on Atlantic is really good. (Not so with the others in the chain.) Same goes for Tin In on Valley, which is even better.

      Noodle King on Valley gets great reviews, but it's always empty. I haven't eaten there. I usually end up at MPV around the corner, but only after 10, when their specials go into effect. They're pretty damn good, and I've eaten there dozens of times.

      There's a Sam Woo on Valley. It sucks, but is open late and is cheaper than Del Taco. There's a Thai place on Valley near Cal State that I tried and it really rocked, but I cannot remember its name. (There aren't too many on that street.)

      Can't forget the Hat, which is, the Hat. Yeah. It looks like the last of the decadent Pastrami Dips.... Is Jim's back in full force? I gotta get back on those Jim's all grease burritos.

      Jumbo, near the Hat, was pretty good. Not mind blowing, but really decent, and if it were a better deal, I'd make the trek regularly. The other restaurant right next to the Hat was okay too. I've heard that it's gotten a lot better.

      I hear that St. Honore and the DD Cafe are the good HK americana cafes. I'm not too partial to that style, so, I don't go, but it should be tried at least once.

      Another thing worth mentioning is Kuo's Bakery. They're pastries rule. I was really bummed when Grace Pastries closed, and Amy's sold out. The two big Japanese American bakeries crumbled, like their delicate cookies. But, now, we've got Kuo's, which is Chinese, but super delicate. (Amy's is still around, but the new recipes don't taste so good. And, they're trying to go "cafe", when they should just try to sell pastries to the cafes.)

      1. re: john k

        the best dim sum i have ever had(and chinese food for that matter), is OCEAN STAR RESTRAUNT on atlantic just north of garvey . its the best

        1. re: damon

          Ocean Star doesn't even serve the best dim sum on its block. Harbor Village, right next door, is a dream of a high-end HK-style restaurant with superlative dim sum and complex, wonderful seafood dishes at dinnertime. Charming Garden, in the Harbor Village complex, serves great Hunan-style dim sum (no carts) in the mornings.