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Dec 15, 2007 09:19 AM

Cavatelli Question

I want to try a recipe for pasta with crab and chillies. The recipe calls for dried or fresh cavatelli. I figured I would try to make it by hand, so my searches ended up finding some recipes with ricotta, eggs, flour and water and some with just flour and water. Does anyone know if "real" cavatelli has ricotta in it? I would assume from the "dried or fresh" tag in the recipe, the author was referring to non-cheese pasta, since you wouldn't want to dry pasta with so much cheese in it - right?

Any thoughts appreciated. Normally, I would just try the cheese one, but I am afraid that cheese pasta might not go so well with crab. I don't want to spend the $$ and time getting a crab and shelling it only to have an inedible mess on my hands....

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  1. Since the only cavatelli, light little delights of pasta that I didn't eat back in the day, that I've seen made were by my mother on a grooved board made for her by her father, didn't contain cheese, that's the only information I can offer up.

    Good on you for trying them though. And shelling a crab to boot! Wow.