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Dec 15, 2007 08:32 AM

Hello everyone, I am new to Chowhound and I already have a question:)

My husband and I were watching a show (Daniel after hours) and we saw a infrared thermometer and my husband commented on how he would like one. I would like to buy him a infrared thermometer that will give him an accurate reading on cast iron and shiny stainless. I would also like to get something that is used in a professional kitchen. Any recommendations. The maximum I would be willing to pay is $200.00, but anything that has recieved high ratings and cheaper would be great!!!

Thank you in advance

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  1. You'll probably get better responses if you post under the Cookware Board section of CH. Good luck.

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      Hi rlba: go to Grainger. You can google it. They are a industrial supply company but sell to the public as well. They have a pick up location in Pasadena but they are located all over. They have 25 different infrared thermo's and you can easily get one for around a hundrred dollars or less. But be careful: infrared thermo's dont read stainless very well. Its too reflective. I've tried and it doesnt work well at all.. It will read just about anything else though. They are very handy. If reading stainless is important: you need a specific surface read type thermo instead. Good luck and now you dont need to place your question anywhere else. :-)

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          Hi there thomtompkins: Thank you so much for the quick response. Your information will come in very handy. My husband is the one that loves to cook in our family. I asked him how many stainless pots he had and to my surprise he said he did not have many. He said he really doesn't like them. Lucky for me I won't have to worry too much about the infrared themometer not reading accurately on stainless. I will definitely google Grainger. Once again, thank you and Happy Holidays!!!!!

      1. you can buy them at automotive parts supplies stores. i got one for $40, and use it all the time. works very well. once you get the hang of it, you can perfect the outside temperature of a steak or other piece of meat to correlate with the interior doneness.

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          Hello justanotherpenquin, Thank you for your response. I will definitely do research on the infrared themometers @ the auto supply store (very interesting, but makes sense). Happy holidays!!!

        2. I have a Maverick "laser infrared surface thermometer." Easy to use (just press a triggerr button), works fine. About $75.

          1. Whole bunch to choose from here:

            They're the makers of the very respected thermapen, good company to deal with.