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Dec 15, 2007 08:29 AM

Camarra Pizzeria & Restaurant *thumbs-up*

Well on the heels of my mid-range Italian thread I decided to go for Camarra's, a late entry in the running; other suggestions included Fusilli and Gio's. The reason I eventually decided on Camarra's was out of pure curiosity I guess. I was also impressed with the photos on their website.

First off, for a Friday, I think reservations ARE recommended, even on a cold-*** night like last night. Sometimes I wing it but I had a hunch that I might need one, and in fact I was happy I'd made one, as the place was packed and I never would have gotten a table otherwise. Summer time, I can only imagine how busy it gets. We were greeted by the owner I presume, a really pleasant gentleman, who took our coats and seated us promptly.

First thing I noticed, the ROLLS are delicious! You get a bread basket but included are two fresh, hot, basil-infused garlic rolls which were probably the best pre-meal bread offering I have had in ages, hands down. I could have eaten an entire basket of those, my date and I both commented on them. Really nice stuff.

The waiter was pleasant and helpful. All the staff seemed really engaged with their customers actually. I just had a beer, but the glass came chilled, a nice touch. For entrees we shared two small pizzas, a thin-crust Magra and a regular Genovese, and I also had the Veal. Everything arrived hot, fresh and in a timely manner. The real parmasean cheese on the veal was a nice touch, really added to the meat. The meat was tender and about as flavourful as veal gets. The veggies were crisp and tasty, nothing was withered or over-cooked. Some places treat vegetables as nothing more than an afterthought or a plate-dressing; I like to actually eat mine so I was happy someone took their time with them.

The pizza - worth the trip!! That's all I'll say. Everyone go find out for themselves! Delicious, especially with an extra drizzle of the olive oil which sits at every table. I would honestly consider going back just to grab a take-out pizza and some of those delicious dinner rolls on the side, and I'm pretty lazy when it comes to distances and take-out food so that's saying something.

The environment was cozy and warm, a suitable environment for dates, casual dinners, parties, etc.

So overall, I give Camarra's, price considered, a very solid 9/10. Worth the trip. With a decent tip we walked away with full bellies and a pleasant experience for $80. Not a bargain but nowhere near the 'paid too much' mark. We both agreed we'd be going back!

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    1. see place link for map and website....

      2899 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6B3S7, CA

      1. 50first speaks for me...Camarra is great at what it does. Its menu never seems to change, nor does its quality. Not trendy but toothsome. Right up there with Da Gianni et Mama in my books for quality Italian.

        1. I am so, soooo jealous. When we were in our teens and twenties, my friends and I used to make the trek all the way from Scarborough to Camarra's just for the pizza. I guess it's time to bring back that old habit. I want to thank all the Hounds that made sure we know Camarra still has it's groove.